Anuket Project

Project Description and Scope

The Dovetail project is responsible for the technical realization of the OPNFV Verified Program (OVP) and acts as a technical baseline for other compliance verification projects within the scope of the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) umbrella project. Dovetail provides a framework for executing a specific set of test cases which define the scope of a given compliance verification program, such as OVP. The Dovetail project is being run with guidance and oversight of the OPNFV TSC and the LF Networking Compliance and Verification Committee.

In the context of OVP, Dovetail actively contributes to the test scope of every OVP release by:

  • defining and proposing a scope and a high-level roadmap for OVP releases,
  • reviewing and evaluating test cases available in OPNFV test tools in terms of applicability to OVP,
  • engaging with OPNFV and upstream projects to expand the scope of OVP by ensuring that both OPNFV platform capabilities and corresponding test cases are being implemented.

The Dovetail project does not implement test cases in its own code base. Instead, Dovetail leverages the test cases implemented in the ecosystem of the OPNFV test tools. To this end, Dovetail provides the technical means for downloading the required OPNFV test tools, configuring them, and triggering the execution of a specific list of test cases per tool. Apart from initial configuration of Dovetail itself, the entire testing process is automated.

OPNFV Verified Program

The OPNFV Verified program demonstrates the readiness and availability of commercial products based on OPNFV. Verified products and services submitted by vendors and service providers become compliant by implementing explicitly defined interfaces, behaviors and key features while retaining distinct and value-added innovations across features and capabilities. More information about the OPNFV Verified Program are available on the OVP web portal. Please send any questions about OVP to

VNF Integration Work

The following project timeline is intended to support the integration work of the Dovetail framework and portal to support the ONAP VNF compliance testing (VNF-SDK and VVP): CVC_Project_Planning.xlsx

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