Anuket Project

We use Jira for initiating and tracking lab support requests, including ... requests for POD access, connectivity, add/remove hardware, network configuration and POD issues. See below for how to submit a request.

POD Access

Access to each environment is granted at the discretion of the lab owner. Each lab maintains there own lab description, capabilities (Pharos provides templates) and any specifics regarding remote access, network topology, user guides, install procedures, etc.

While lab resources are managed at the POD level by owners, prioritization and resource contentions issues may be referred to the TSC if needed.

Requesting Support or reporting an issue

  1. Create a new issue in Jira (INFRA JIRA Project)
  2. For Issue Type (see Component, below), select Bug for "POD Issue", or select Task for other components.
  3. Assign Priority as: Blocker; Critical; Major; Minor; Trivial
  4. Select applicable Fix Version: e.g. Moselle Release
  5. Use Component to assign as:
    1. POD Access Request - POD XX (Request to add/remove an individuals (VPN) access for a community lab)
    2. POD Connectivity Request (Request to add/remove lab firewall rules to connect POD to remote service e.g. CI)
    3. POD Hardware Request (Request to add/remove POD hardware e.g. NIC, memory, ...)
    4. POD Network Request (Request to add/remove/change POD or Host network configuration)
    5. POD Issue (Report an issue with a POD for the lab owner to troubleshoot)
  6. Assign to appropriate lab owner (See here Community Labs for current lab owner). If you are not sure it will be assigned to Pharos PTL by default (they will re-assign appropriate ownership but this may delay your request)
  7. Be sure to specify which Lab and POD you are working with.

Please provide your gpg key when requesting VPN access so your user name and password can be sent securely.

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