Anuket Project

Project Scope and Objectives

The ability to monitor the Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) where VNFs are in operation will be a key part of Service Assurance within an NFV environment, in order to enforce SLAs or to detect violations, faults or degradation in the performance of NFVI resources so that events and relevant metrics are reported to higher level fault management systems. If fixed function appliances are going to be replaced by virtualized appliances the service levels, manageability and service assurance needs to remain consistent or improve on what is available today. As such, the NFVI needs to support the ability to monitor:

  1. Traffic monitoring and performance monitoring of the components that provide networking functionality to the VNF, including: physical interfaces, virtual switch interfaces and flows, as well as the virtual interfaces themselves and their status, etc.
  2. Platform monitoring including: CPU, memory, load, cache, themals, fan speeds, voltages and machine check exceptions, etc.

All of the statistics and events gathered must be collected in-service and must be capable of being reported by standard Telco mechanisms (e.g. SNMP), for potential enforcement or correction actions. In addition, this information could be fed to analytics systems to enable failure prediction, and can also be used for intelligent workload placement.

The output of the project will provide interfaces to support monitoring of the NFVI

Standing Meeting Details

The weekly meeting takes place on Tuesday at 17h00 Irish Standard Time, (17h00 UTC during Irish winter time, 16h00 UTC during Irish summer time)

Meeting is held on zoom:

Meeting Agenda and minutes


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