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Anuket Specifications in RTD and repo split

Anuket aims to produce GSMA documents per stream also rendered by Readthedocs (RTD).

  • all stream documentations should be standalone and published both in HTML to RTD and in DOCX/PDF for GSMA
  • ideally the main doc is just an umbrella listing the document per stream (note: it also contains specific documentation per stream) - only needed for RTD and has no meaning in GSMA
  • all RST could be on the same git tree as every RTD project settings redefined and which were in their specific dirs - but RTD dropped this capabilities
  • we now have to use the .readthedocs.yaml which must be unique and under root

Splitting the git tree is the only solution which doesn't diverge to our RTD+GSMA targets

  • only managing local builds via tox wouldn't help having the documentation on RTD
  • having a single documentation project would diverge from our GSMA target and would ask for many many manual editing of the GSMA documents. it would be such a regression compared for GSMA NG133

Pros/Cons splitting the git repo as it was discussed mostly from the beginning

  • Pros: it has been done in minutes by Cedric Ollivier  by keeping the full history of the projects
  • Pros: it fixes our current doc issues! and without any change in our documentation
  • Pros: it will help fine tuning the git rights according to the contributions per stream (and not falsy globally as today)
  • Cons: it will ask to publish the right change in the right repo and to create several PRs for overall changes (theme, tox version, etc.) - Nothing compared to Anuket renaming, to the wiki and Jenkins issues after DNS changes and software updates

Here are some useful links which would have led the discussions:


  • We are good to split the repos if we can create a governance to keep the documentation look and feel consistent and share the burden of managing the repos

Anuket CI/CD

A few reminders:

  •  All Software projects represented at TSC clearly stated in favor of Gerrit+Jenkins 1 year ago
  • Jenkins has been down for several months multiple times a year
  • The community was unable to help because of missing Jenkins rights or credentials on the host
  • Functest and Xtesting are in production. This project cannot wait CI/CD for many months
  • Before Jenkins breakdown, Anuket Jobs were fully rewritten to improve the portability
  • Cedric Ollivier as Anuket Gerrit stream rights as Releng committer and because of his contributions (byw +ODL Gerrit stream rights too)
  • All Job history, crucial for GSMA NG.133, was lost when switching from to → HUGE impact to GSMA

A few technical details:

  • Multiple Jenkins can vote on the same Gerrit patchset (see Zuul in OpenStack)
  • Many Jobs can even duplicated such as Xtesting integration jobs which doesn't ask for a specific SUT or a single source (ex: docker image builds)
  • OPNFV has been build in a community lab spirit in which Jenkins runners or even Jenkins can be distributed in the community
  • Functest has his own servers to verify it and they have been used for all the OPNFV projects since LFN servers were down
  • CI/CD works now thanks to the new Jenkins and its runner maintained by Orange


  • a deep analysis to which jobs should be where or even duplicated to have a safe CI/CD not only depending on unmaintained services or builders
  • keep cleaning the obsolete Jenkins jobs
  • remove github actions which were not asked by the software projects


  • Orange Jenkins server
    • 2500 functest jobs
    • barometer
    • NFV bench
    • CNTT documentation (anuket-specs)
    • opnfvdocs
    • Vineperf
  • LFN Jenkins server
    • No jobs running there
    • Cedric Ollivier can not manipulate the server, it seems to be not working
    • The plan is to use this to build redundancy of the jobs
  • Workers
    • LaaS and a datacenter in Portland connected to the Orange Jenkins


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