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Antitrust policies

RM, RC2, RM PTL replacement

  • Verizon uses only the RA-s and not the RC-s
  • Microsoft uses the specifications, but not really focusing on the RC-s
  • Maybe the way forward for Anuket is only provide the specifications and not in RI-s or RC-s
  • RI1 is still actively developed
  • Maybe the way forward for Anuket is to drop the RI-s and RC-s
  • Other option might be to declare victory
  • Anuket started to work in isolation, however this was not the intention
    • We have the GSMA specs published
  • We share the problems of lack of resources and participation with other LFN projects
  • Proposal is to Archive RC2
  • Release Manager
    • Maybe we can invent a distributed release management process where the RM role is partly done by the TSC and partly by the PTL-s
    • Let's discuss in the TSC
  • Reference Model


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  1. Orange leverages RC1 and RC2 as stated publicly here