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Anuket Assured CNF Requirements & Tests

  • We should have all 15 essential CNF Testsuite as mandatory. Gergely Csatari and Olivier Smith to discuss with Riccardo Gasparetto Stori  and RA2 in the next RA2 meeting
  • According to our best knowledge at the moment Functest does integrate with the CNF Testsuite, but the CNF requirements are not tested as part of RC2
  • For Anuket Assured CNF we need to run the CNF tests
  • One option to use CNF Testsuite directly as part of Anuket Assured CNF
  • Slides form Olivier: Anuket R2 CNF Discussion - April 19 2023.pptx

RC2 PTL idea from Scot

  • Moved to next week


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