Anuket Project


  1. Gergely Csatari 
  2. Scot Steele 
  3. Cedric Ollivier 
  4. Beth Cohen 

Antitrust policies

Build server management

  • Matt Watkins <> was not able to join due to the short notice
  •  Problem
    • Anuket build servers are outdated
    • Build servers should be updated on a regular basis
    • Valid also for ONAP and ODL
    • Some Anuket jobs rely on the global GCP account
  • Solutions
    • LF IT proactively updates the build servers
      • Based on what policy?
      • What is the effect of this to our budget?
      • Can Fabio do this for us? (Sandra Jackson to ask)
    • Anuket contributors get root access to the build servers
      • Who is responsible if something goes wrong?
    • LF IT updates the build servers based on tickets
      • This is the current method what lead to very outdated servers

Anuket budget for 2023


Change from 2022
Same $/ More $ / Less $

H / M / L

Notes, Explanations, etc.

Infrastructure requests


LF IT support (releng, sysadmin)

We plan to manage the build servers by the community what would mean reduction in LF IT costs, but requires and agreement between the community and LF IT.

Community Awards/Recognition


Mentorship Program

Currently 1 person and important to the overall LFN mission.

Staffing (TPM, RelMgr, etc.)

We plan to take the RelMgr role into the community, but would still need support from David for a transient period. In case of any budget reduction, maintainance is considered as prioritized compared to release management which is being decreasing anyway.


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