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Storage benchmarking and testing - Timo Hauswirth <>, Joel Zhou - 30 min

  • Linbit collegues did some tests with Linstor and Kubernetes. The OpenStack test was not executed yet.
    • There was an error and Linstor is looking for help as it seems that the error is not related to the functionality
    • Cedric requests the E2E logs and will provide instructions how to get those
  • Storage benchmarking
    • At the moment there is only a small set of dd based benchmarking tests are part of Rally
    • FIO could be a candidate
    • Linbit built an in house benchmarking solution
      • Joel will explain how the Linbit benchmarking work in a future meeting
    • Storage KPI-s are not defined in RA1 and RA2
      • Test cases should be able to check the results, but for this we need a specification of the KPI-s
    • Storperf could be potentially re-newed and used for RA2
      • Storperf is based on FIO
      • It was written for OpenStack, so most probably the architecture is not compatible with Kubernetes (the only compatible part if FIO itself and its parameters)
      • There is a standards body which defines storage KPI-s and its KPI-s are used by StorPerf.
    • Local results can be compared to the OPNFV test database

Organisation of documentation based on in #2603, #2609, and #2617 - Gergely Csatari - 20 min

Project Operations and Guidelines document - Gergely Csatari - 10 min


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