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  • Trevor Bramwell clarify how can we adopt the current user roles of the CNTT repo to GitLab

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Technical topics

Anuket Charter and TSC Procedures revisions - Gergely Csatari  - 50 min

  • Discussion of feedback received from LF Legal
    • Issue 1: TSC Operations document approval by LF Projects:
      • The point of separating the TSC Operations to a separate document was that we wanted to have flexibility and need to approval from LF Projects
      • Proposal: merge the TSC Operations document to the charter. Discuss this with the TSC.
    • Issue 2: 2/3 participation for TSC elections in the TSC Operations document:
      • We should not put this requirement to the TSC Operations document
      • We should only track the participation to elections and publish them on the mailing lists
    • Issue 3: 2/3 participation for the TSC Co-chair election in the TSC Operations document:
      • As here only the TSC members vote we can keep the requirement here.
    • Issues indicated in the word document added to Anuket Charter proposal for commenting as inline notes.
  • Anuket TSC Operations and Procedures document proposal for commenting
    • The document is proposed to be merged to the Charter
    • Last issues were resolved.
  • Anuket Project Operations and Guidelines document for commenting
    • Some of the issues discussed and resolutions proposed


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