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  • Gergely Csatari to figure out if we can set up a meeting in a way that all joining participants are initally muted
  • Trevor Bramwell to check how difficult is to move pr-s, issues, branches and projects from GitHub to GitLab?
    • Gitlab will import all Github Issues & PRs (comments and labels), code (all branches), wikis, and milestones. If a Github user has not logged into Gitlab and associated their Github ID, PR and issue comments will be associated with the importing user.
      We will want to ensure CNTT contributors have logged into Gitlab with their Github ID before the import. I will confirm if this is retroactive (user logs in after import) or not.
  • Trevor Bramwell clarify the migration plan
  • Trevor Bramwell clarify how can we adopt the current user roles of the CNTT repo to GitLab

Organisation topics

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Technical topics

Gitlab Pilot Followup from DDF - Trevor Bramwell - 60 mins

  • Presentation
  • As a service GitLab from
  • All the benefits mentioned in the presentation are for code development while the Specification projects are producing documents in GitHub
    • Do we know the benefits of documenting in GitLab compared to doing it in GitHub
      • At least we do not lose benefits
      • GitLab also have inline editing features
      • Trevor Bramwell to check how difficult is to move pr-s issues and projects?
    • We must avoid lengthy migration what blocks the work on the Specification projects
  • Pilot should contain one of the specification streams
  • Let's have only some testing in the begining
    • First only copy CNTT repo to GitLab and not delete from GitHub
  • The aim of the migration is not only to space IT resource by shutting down Gerrit instances, but also to harmonize the ways of working Anuket wide
  • Projects under GitLab OPNFV-poc can be easily moved to the official OPNFV GitLab space
  • We should use
  • What is our approach to the issue trackers and wiki built to GitLab versus Jira or Confluence
    • It is up to the community to decide
  • StorPerf and KubeRef are happy with the platform


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