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  • A: Gergely Csatari  to open a discussion about the recordings on the mailing list
    • Done
  • A: Qiao Fu  to discuss the options of in which frame PDF 2.0 work should be done (Pharos, new Anuket project, RI[12] or something else) in the TSC
    • Done

Organisation topics

Recording of the meetings

  • Let's not record the Weekly Technical Discussions

Technical topics

Discussion of PDF 2.0 - Qiao Fu, Jie Niu

  • This is mostly a management issue
  • Most easy for PDF 2.0 contributors would be to work in CIRV as it is an active project
    • Problem is that CIRV is not an installation project
  • Infra WG-s opinion should be also checked 
    • What is the status of WG-s in Anuket?
      • So far we carried them over from OPNFV
    • Jack Morgan was leading it, but he is not available now

  • At the moment the PDF 2.0 work does not have an upstream repo to collaborate
  • Usage of CRIV is also good for the visibility of the PDF 2.0 activity
  • Will we keep using for the specifications?
    • So far yes
  • Diversity of PDF-s
    • Different installer teams have different PDF variants
    • We should have a common data model, but at the moment everyone have different ideas about what shold that be
  • Next steps:
    • PDF 2.0 work will be done in a subrepo under CIRV
    • CIRV needs to be re-chartered
      • Could even lead to a name change of the project
    • Circulate the PDF 2.0 template in the mailing list to get feedback from the installer projects
    • Implement RI1 related changes to the PDF 2.0 template

Discussion of comments to Anuket Charter and TSC Procedures revisions - Gergely Csatari

  • The charter is an appendix to a set of documents, but still should be self contained
  • We are okay to define things in attachements to the charter on wiki pages, but for all of these
    • We shall define how these are changed
    • These attachements should be stored in a known place in the wiki
  • We should agree on what kind of Charter we would like to construct
    • Charter for Transition Period and Stable period
    • Charter for Transition Period only and a Charter for Stable period needs to be done separatelly


  • Volunteer to host the 2021.02.15 Weekly Technical Meeting

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