Anuket Project

Current Anuket Ambassadors 

Beth Cohen, Verizon (East Coast, USA)

Bob Monkman, Intel (West Coast, USA)

Scot Steele, Microsoft (West Coast, USA)

Gergely Csatari, Nokia (Finland)

Walter Kozlowski, Telstra (Australia)

Parth Yadav, University of New Delhi (India)

Arif Khan, Coredge (India)

If you would like to contact any of these ambassadors, please email


An "Anuket Ambassadors" program has been recommended by the Anuket Marketing Working Group to further evangelize Anuket across the industry, attract new organizations, answer questions, and help onboard participants. Anuket Ambassadors are expected to have familiarity with Anuket (former experience with CNTT and/or OPNFV a plus) and be willing to share that expertise with others. We are looking for a diversity of applicants in terms of job title (e.g., solutions engineers, architects, developers, product managers, etc.), company type (vendor, network operator, systems integrator), regions around the globe, and traditionally underrepresented groups. 

Responsibilities include:

* Answering questions as they come into project communications channels
* Co-leading Anuket introductory sessions at LFN Developer & Testing Forum events
* Participation in regional LFN User Group meetings as requested
* Representing the Anuket community in other industry events (speaking) and media opportunities (briefings) as needed
* Participation in up to 3 discovery calls with Anuket prospects (LF will coordinate the meetings)
* Ongoing community support as need for existing participants/members
* Consideration for being a mentor to Anuket interns
* Barring any unforeseen circumstances, serving in the role for at least one year

In addition to significant appreciation by the community, Ambassadors will be awarded Anuket Ambassador digital badge and T-shirt!

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