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  • Agenda:
    • Linux Foundation Anti-Trust Policy No
    • Recording Policies:
    • Agenda Bashing
    • Logistics planning for RM meetings.
    • Topics RM community would like Walter to raise with the LFN Governing Board.
      • Connections and better comms between LF(N) projects, Nephio, Sylva, others?
    • Planning for the Anuket Pieman release:  Pieman Schedule - Anuket - Anuket.
      • PR#3413 RedFish -> All for review
      • Update to Energy section in RM in Ch 3. → All to think what we can do in 1 year.
      • Automation, esp. for RA2 (containerized infrastructure related): discuss with RA2. Need to specify details of this topic.
    • Open Source Summit in Bilbao Spain happened: discussion between Sylva (Luis Velarde, Telefonica) and Anuket (Gergely), collaboration started.  RA2, RC2 - possibility for validation of Sylva.
      • Opportunity: Sylva wants to focus on integration, opportunity to improve Anuket specs to be more precise allowing easier implementation integration, incl. looking at Sylva roadmap.
      • Both communities started to collaborate.
    • [22:31] Tom van Pelt

      Last week there was a webinar from GSMA's 5G futures community with Telefonica's Juan Carlos Garcia also touching on Anuket and Sylva in his slides (briefly):

      Watch on-demand: 5G Futures Community Webinar #1

      Unlocking the Value of 5G: Beyond Connectivity Watch the inaugural GSMA 5G Futures Community webinar #1 “Unlocking the Value of 5G: Beyond Connectivity” on demand here. Key takeaways: Gain insights...

    • GSMA OIG meetings in Doha in October 24th, we will table RM Orinoco (as NG.126 v 4.0 and RA-2 as NG.139 v1.0). 
    • CAMARA, NEPHIO - possible collaborations (also RC2, discuss with Cedric).
  • Next meeting:  4th of October at normal time.  
    • AOB

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