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Agenda and Minutes:




Issues no.


GSMA Publication

Editorial work to GSMA-proof the content and structure of RA2 for publication as NG.139








Update Kubernetes version

Bump the Kubernetes version and add/remove new/deprecated features and APIs



Add features

Add specifications on new features for RA2 compliant clusters to implement: requirements


Infra monitoring

Express Data Path (XDP)





  • Closing 995 – secrets management
  • Closing 992 – CIS benchmark
  • Closing 999 – SIEM interface

  • Todo list (thanks Gergely):
    GSMA publication

o    [RA2] Create GSMA docx template #3229

o    [RA2] add refs.bib bibliography #3230

o    [RA2] Change all references to :cite: references to .bib #3231

o    [RA2 ch1] restructure chapter 1 - add principles terminology and abbreviations #3232

o    [RA2] remove links to cntt.common #3233


o    [RA2] add GSMA docx generation to pipeline #3234

o    I can do some work on these, however we will need help from GSMA and RA1/RC1 to share what is exactly needed to be done

  • Update Kubernetes version

o    [RA2] Update K8s to v1.25 #3219

o    [RA2 RC2] Update to K8s 1.25 #3085

o    I think these are duplicates

  • Add more functionality

o    [RA2 Ch3] Add Smart Switches #2330

o    [RA2 Ch05] Secrets management #995

o    [RA2 Ch4] Implement storage replication and encryption #2707

o    [RA2 Ch2 & Ch4] Clarify scope and Implement Cloud Infrastructure Management Requirements #2709

  • For this we might need to extend the scope of RA2

o    [RA2 Ch4] Implement NAT #2708

o    [RA2 Ch4] Performance management specs #2706

o    [RA2 Ch4] Implement i.cap.017- QoS enablement of the connection point (vNIC or interface) #2705

  • I do not think that there is a solution for this at the moment. There are bandwidth aware scheduling experimental scheduler plugins, but that’s it.

o    [RA2 Ch02] Review/remove SFC requirement #2189

  • I’m not sure if there is a solution for this

o    [RA2 Ch05] Node hardening #992

o    [RA2] Ch6 - SIEM standard interface #999

o    Got to this point

o    [RA2 Ch04] add edge hw specs - Align with RM chapter 8 #2973

o    [RA2 Ch4] Add more specs for Containers in VMs #2464

o    [RA2 Ch2] PaaS Services requirements #2823

  • I can work on this. Hopefully I will have more time than in Nile…

o    [RA2 Ch2] Storage requirements #2822

o    [RA2 Ch2] Service Mesh requirements #2790

o    [RA2 Ch4] Service Mesh specs #2791

o    [RA2 Ch4] Specs for Monitoring & Telemetry of Kubernetes Clusters #2789

  • Testing related

o    [RA2][RC2] Add sig-ui testing in RC2 #2321

  • Updates to follow the world

o    [TSC] modern naming / terms #2396

  • I think some things were renamed in Kubernetes to follow a more inclusive naming, we should follow this up.
  • I can work on this

o    [ra2 ch4] check host os requirement compatibility with recent k8s versions #2974

o    [RA2 Ch4] Specs for caas manager interface - CaaS LCM IaC #2792

  • This might need a scope change of RA2

o    [RA2 Ch6] Align tests tables to latest release of functest #3251

  • Clarifications

o    [ra2 ch7] clarify gap "Container run-time Interfaces towards NFVI resources" #3281

o    [RA2 Ch2, Ch4] Gap analysis of requirements in 2.2.6 security section #2259

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