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Lei Huang stepped down from the TSC on  

The events and activities mentioned below are described in more detail in the Community Election Procedure.

Proposed schedule

End Date


+2 weeks  

TSC nominations for Lei Huang's seat remaining term in 2023

Extended nomination period to allow time to get email out about responsibilities of TSC seat. 

+1 week  

TSC replacement election begins


TSC replacement election ends (Condorcet)

Nominations (or Self-nominations) for the 2023 TSC Member Replacement Election - Nomination process to start on March 07, 2023

Please nominate yourself or another eligible Anuket member. 

Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganizationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
Al Morton AT&TScot Steele As a former TSC member and Co-Chair, and a valued member of both AT&T and the Anuket committee, I believe Al would help bring a sense of Unity to the TSC. Additionally, Al would represent an operator's perspective, 3/20/23Thanks for your kind words, Scot. I have too many pressing work items and responsibilities to add and contribute to the TSC now. I must decline.
HuaweiI’ve been contributing to RI2 for a half year, during which I have verified the deployment of RI2 in preprovisioned infrastructure for the Nile version. I want to be more involved in the Anuket especially in the RI2 and will try to be a more valued member of the Anuket committee.4/4/23

I nominate myself and accept the nomination.

Shivank Chaudhary University of DelhiParth Yadav I like to nominate Shivank. Shivank is an ex-LFX'22 mentee and has been involved with the community. He has working experience with eBPF, SR-IOV, Openstack-Helm, and Magma.4/6/23Thanks, Parth for nominating me, I accept the nomination.

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