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The events and activities mentioned below are described in more detail in the Community Election Procedure. <<< Link to current procedure

Nominations and elections will close at 5 p.m. (PT) on the date specified below.



Develop Insight queries and method to resolve multiple identities across tools/platforms

No later than  

Publish list of active contributors -Allow time to pull and review queries

 + 3 weeks  

Community review of active contributor list - 

+ 2 weeks  

TSC nominations*

+ 2 weeks  

TSC election (Condorcet)

+ 2 weeks  

TSC co-chair nomination*

+ 2 weeks 

TSC  co-chair election (Condorcet) Added one week buffer for Thanksgiving

+ 1 week  

SPC, Rep Nomination

+ 1 week  

SPC, Rep Election (Condorcet)

"*" = duration codified in the charter

Some notes:

  • Some of the contribution types outlined in the charter are not captured in Insights (e.g., blog posts, whitepapers, etc.). ONAP handles this by providing the automated data and leaving it to contributors to provide information about those contributions with the approval of the TSC to adjust their total. Recommendation to use the same process during the PTL active contributor review timeframe for Anuket.
  • Also note that MAC rep was never meant to be bounded by the Active Contributor TSC process, and in fact has never been an official elected position. If elected, should probably be through a separate process, but recommendation is to continue providing MAC representation on a volunteer basis. 
  • Also recommendation that if no nominations are received for TAC rep or SPC rep that TSC chairs will serve in that role. (Note that by convention, we have typically elected a separate SPC rep but not TAC rep – just as historical data point). 

Nominations for the 2023 TSC Member Election - Nomination process to start on October 13, 2022

Please nominate yourself or another eligible Anuket member. If you are nominated by someone else, please accept or decline the nomination by October 27, 2022.

#Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganizationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
1China MobileJie Niu 

Lei Huang is a Researcher in AI and Intelligent Operation R&D Center at China Mobile Research Institute. She is member of open source and industry promotion team in CMRI and is currently in charge of open source and standards related work, focus areas include intelligent networking, automated testing and accelerated hardware resource management.

She has extensive experience in participating open source community work. She is now serving as Anuket Thoth PTL, and has working experience in LFN EUAG, ONAP,etc. Among which,  in EUAG, she served as EUAG chair in 2021, has led several white papers and surveys in LFN , include ONAP Consumption Model White Paper,  Automated Testing White Paper, Intelligent Networking White Paper, etc.  And in ONAP, she worked as ONAP automatic testing requirements owner. 

If can be accepted as an Anuket TSC member, I will actively support promoting and handling Anuket community management issues, and propose improvement suggestions from the perspective of operator.

Oct 17

Lei Huang accepts this nomination

2Pankaj Goyal MicrosoftPankaj has consistently worked in the CNTT/Anuket community for several years support RM and RA projects in both the 1 and 2 streams. He brings insight of both operator and supplier to the community and makes high levels of contributions. Pankaj has a very broad range of knowledge and experiences that make him a valuable member of the community. Oct 17

Scot Steele Thanks for the nomination - I (Pankaj Goyal)  accept.

3Scot Steele MicrosoftScot brings his broad organizational, dispassionate, and rational skills to dealing with the Anuket project issues. He has been a key contributor to the initial creation of Anuket project and its continued development as he leads various efforts including RC2, the technical forums, etc. He is also deserving of the Anuket TSC Chair.Oct 17

Scot Steele Accepts the nomination

4Karine Sevilla Orange SAPankaj Goyal Karine has been a key member of the Anuket project and has been providing leadership to the RA1 sub-project but also an active contributor to RM. She is one of the top contributors every year.Oct 18

Thank you Pankaj Goyal for the nomination. I will decline. My activities will not allow me to dedicate time to the TSC next year.

5Cedric Ollivier Orange SAPankaj Goyal Cedric remains the top contributor year after year. The conformance programs exist only because of his efforts. Without the ability for conformance, Anuket specifications are meaningless. He is always looking for opportunities to improve the process. At the TSC he brings alternate perspectives.Oct 18
6Walter Kozlowski TelstraPankaj Goyal Walter has been a key leader in the Anuket project. He has been leading the foundational RM sub-project and instrumental in getting Anuket specifications to be published by GSMA. He continues to be one of the top-most contributors. Oct 18

Thank you, Pankaj Goyal for the nomination and for your kind words. I can accept this nomination on the condition that the TSC regular proceedings will be re-organised using alternate times to make it possible for me to participate at some normal hours (not at midnight or 1am) 

However, I cannot accept the nomination for personal /practical reasons as I am unable to participate in regular 1am proceedings.  I will rather focus on further development of   RM, and on making sure that Nile release is published in 3 GSMA documents for RM, RA1 and RA2, as per one of the original CNTT goals.

7VerizonBeth is one of the founders of CNTT, and was active in the formation of Anuket. She is currently Co-Chair of Anuket TSC and, as a long-time contributor to many Open Source projects, she brings a wealth of experience to the task.  She also serves as a de-facto editor of Anuket specifications. As an Anuket Ambassador, she represents Anuket in many forums.  Oct 18

Beth Cohen accepts this nomination.

8Georg Kunz EricssonPankaj Goyal Georg is one of the key contributors to the Anuket project and in the Anuket TSC he is an influential voice.Oct 18

Thank you, Pankaj Goyal. Georg Kunz accepts the nomination.

9VodafonePankaj Goyal Ricardo has been an active member of Anuket and is the workstream lead of the RA2 project. He is one of the key contributors to the Anuket project.Oct 18

Thanks Pankaj Goyal , Riccardo Gasparetto Stori accepts the nomination

10Emma Foley Red HatPankaj Goyal Emma is one of the key contributors and a very active participant of the TSC.Oct 18
11Dan Xu HuaweiPankaj Goyal Dan is the workstream lead for RI2, a key contributor, and would be a valuable addition to the TSC.Oct 18Dan Xu accepts this nomination.
12Gergely Csatari NokiaScot Steele Gergely is a key contributor to Anuket and has been for several years. Aside from his continued involvement with the RM & RA specifications, he drives many functions for the community such as documentation and release management. He has been in the community for a number of years and is a major contributor. Oct 19Gergely Csatari accepts the nomination. Thanks Scot Steele 
13Al Morton AT&TScot Steele Al is one of the founding fathers of OPNFV/Anuket. He continues to make contributions in our community and many others, providing linkage to other standards that could impact/influence our work. Al is a stong technical leader and the TSC will be better for his inclusion.Oct 24

Thanks for your nomination and kind endorsement, Scot Steele.

I'm trying to re-prioritize my time in 2023; new responsibilities, etc.  However, I will continue to serve the community as ViNePerf PTL. 

14Lincoln Lavoie UNH-IOLLincoln is a strong technical leader, with many contributions to Opensource as well as Anuket. He brings rational thought and acumen to the team. Oct 24

Lincoln Lavoie accepts the nomination.  Thanks for the kind words Scot Steele 







Nominations for the 2023 TSC Co-Chair Election -Start on 10 Nov

Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganisationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
Scot Steele Microsoft

Scot Steele has demonstrated his leadership and organizational skills over the years as a member of this community including the merger of two communities. His skills will be valuable in representing Anuket outside of the Anuket community, soft-touch leadership of this community, and future growth.

I am adding my support for Scott's value to the TSC.

November 11, 2022Thank you Pankaj, I accept the nomination.
Georg Kunz EricssonPankaj Goyal 

Georg Kunz has been active in the Anuket community and TSC. In the TSC, he is always a voice of reason and seeks solutions to the problems at hand.  As the Anuket project enters a new phase, his ideas and leadership would prove invaluable.

Together, Scot Steele and Georg Kunz will be able to relieve the hard-working and well-appreciated efforts of the current Anuket leaders.

November 11, 2022

Thank you, Pankaj Goyal. I very much appreciate the nomination, but I have to decline, unfortunately.

NokiaBeth Cohen 

Gergely Csatari is a leader in the Anuket project and has been serving as the TSC Co-chair for the past year.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to the role.

November 11, 2022Thanks Beth Cohen I accept the nomination.
Beth Cohen VerizonWalter Kozlowski 

Beth Cohen has demonstrated tremendous leadership and commitment through her many activities in CNTT and then Anuket, recently as one of the Co-Chairs of the TSC, the role she fulfilled brilliantly.

November 15, 2022I accept this nomination.  Thanks Walter Kozlowski 

Nominations for the 2023 SPC Representative Election -

Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganisationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
VerizonI figure since I am not the co-chair of the TSC this year, I will help out by being the SPC representative.13 Dec 2022I accept this nomination.
Walter Kozlowski TelstraScot Steele Walter has an excellent perspective on Technical Strategy. I think he would be excellent as the SPC repDec 14 2022

Thank you Scot Steele I am happy to accept. If elected to SPC I would work with others to make sure that LFN strategy maintains and grows its relevance for the rapidly evolving technology and ever changing ICT industry

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