Blog from June, 2022

WhatWhat to doHow to get thereWho makes the next stepStatus
  • Raise a simple DNS redirect request to LF IT
  • Also we should add a pointer to the original readthedocs OPNFV Jerma documentation
  • Raise a request to LF IT
  • Raise a simple DNS redirect request to LF IT
  • Get the Anuket org
  • Rename the org to anuket
  • Rename the repo to specifications
  • Get Sphinx credentials
  • Reconfigure Sphinx
  • Archive the sphinx extensions

Anuket on GitLab
  • Remove dead repos from GitLab
  • Collect the repos what we should remove from GitLab
  • Remove them

LF Networking
  • Webpage contains OPNFV

Generic page to record issues
  • A confluence page to collect remaining leftovers
    • Move this table also there
  • Create a confleunce and move this table there
Gergely CsatariDone
  • file an LF IT issue about this.
Issue filed. Now we are waiting for LF IT.