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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Antitrust notices
  • Nile
    •  Milestones:
      • M1 Release Definition - August 16, 2022
      • M2 Scope Freeze - September 13, 2022
      • M4 Content Freeze - November 22, 2022
      • M4-S Proofreading - December 06, 2022
      • M5 - Release Readiness + Sign-off - December 13, 2022
    • GSMA -RA2 will be published as
      • must find out formatting gotchas from RA1 experience
      • content Nile might be fine - O release better
      • intention is to generate doc automatically from the beginning

        todo: check GSMA document format

        reorganise structure - bibliography

        restructure chapter 1 - add principles terminology and abbreviations

        remove links to cntt.common-copy whatever content to the ra2 file itself

        in general, follow structure of GSMA doc

        pdf document not allowed, has got to be word!

        add refs.bib bibliography - all documents and URLS! - URGENT

        replace references to :cite:

        the result is that the only :ref: left are the ones to other chapters of the document

        add template docx - can be same as ra1 - ask Javier what output they expect, the pipeline output might be enough

        if ok, then use pipeline output

        otherwise, add GSMA-specific stuff to template

        all tables should be list-tables (should be done already)

        pipeline - check ra2 pipeline, should generate docx every time

Meeting Recording 

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