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Sridhar Rao stepped down from the TSC on  

The events and activities mentioned below are described in more detail in the Community Election Procedure.

Proposed schedule

End Date


+2 weeks  

TSC nominations for Sridhar Rao's seat remaining term in 2022

+1 week  

TSC replacement election begins


TSC replacement election ends (Condorcet)

Nominations (or Self-nominations) for the 2022 TSC Member Replacement Election - Nomination process to start on April 13, 2022

Please nominate yourself or another eligible Anuket member. 

Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganizationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
Walter KozlowskiTelstra


Beth Cohen– Walter would be an excellent addition to the TSC.

Scot Steele - I second the Nomination

I have been the  RM lead for last 2 years and I was the TSC Co-chair in 2021.  For personal reasons I declined nomination for TSC in January 2022, but I can re-join now and I will be happy to use my CNTT/Anuket experience and enthusiasm  to serve as a TSC member.04/19/22Thank you Beth Cohenfor your endorsement; accepted and appreciated!

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