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The events and activities mentioned below are described in more detail in the Community Election Procedure. <<< Link to current procedure

Nominations and elections will close at 5 p.m. (PT) on the date specified below.



Develop Insight queries and method to resolve multiple identities across tools/platforms

No later than  

Publish list of active contributors -Allow time to pull and review queries

 + 3 weeks  

Community review of active contributor list - 

+ 2 weeks  

TSC nominations*

+ 2 weeks  

TSC election (Condorcet)

+ 2 weeks  

TSC co-chair nomination*

+ 2 weeks 

TSC  co-chair election (Condorcet) Added one week buffer for Thanksgiving

+ 1 week  

SPC, Rep Nomination

+ 1 week  

SPC, Rep Election (Condorcet)

"*" = duration codified in the charter

Some notes:

  • Merger after-effects: Because the eligibility period is 12 months from September 6, part of the eligibility period predates Anuket (started Jan 1). The Insights query will need to take the union of Anuket Insights contributions for 2021 and CNTT/OPNFV legacy contributions for the time period Sept 6, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020. 
  • Some of the contribution types outlined in the charter are not captured in Insights (e.g., blog posts, whitepapers, etc.). ONAP handles this by providing the automated data and leaving it to contributors to provide information about those contributions with the approval of the TSC to adjust their total. Recommendation to use the same process during the PTL active contributor review timeframe for Anuket.
  • Because some portion of the Doc projects 2021 contributions were not captured in Insights (due to GitLab POC work), recommendation is to use the PTL review process to ensure active contributors for that work are not lost. (Note that other projects doing Gitlab POC work are mirrored with existing Gerrit and so therefore their work has been captured in Insights). 
  • Also note that MAC rep was never meant to be bounded by the Active Contributor TSC process, and in fact has never been an official elected position. If elected, should probably be through a separate process, but recommendation is to continue providing MAC representation on a volunteer basis. 
  • Also recommendation that if no nominations are received for TAC rep or SPC rep that TSC chairs will serve in that role. (Note that by convention, we have typically elected a separate SPC rep but not TAC rep – just as historical data point). 

Nominations for the 2022 TSC Member Election - Nomination process to start on October 1, 2021

Please nominate yourself or another eligible Anuket member. If you are nominated by someone else, please accept or decline the nomination by October 15, 2021.

#Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganisationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
1NokiaselfI was working in OPNFV and CNTT as contributor in different areas. In Anuket I'm active in RA2, RM, in the TSC and I'm organizing the Weekly Technical Discussions. I'm interested in continuing the work on the govenrance structure and on the consistent documentation of Anuket.


2Ulrich KleberHuaweiselfI worked in OPNFV some time ago as project lead and TSC member. Later joined CNTT, also in leadership there. Being also a workgroup vice chair in ETSI NFV, working as a technical officer for the coordinator to ETSI NFV and MEC. In Anuket focusing on RM and RA2.Sept.15, 2021
3MicrosoftPankaj is top3 contributor and leads Anuket Reference Architecture 1. His advices are key in all technical discussions which makes him a very good candidate to TSC.Sept. 21, 2021

Thanks for the confidence,Cedric Ollivier.

I agree to serve if elected. 



Anjali Goyal

I have been one of the founding members of CNTT and was instrumental  in the creation of Anuket as the merger of OPNFV and CNTT.  More recently, I have been active on the marketing team, governance and the CCC group.   Mostly doing lots of cat herding.

Beth is great to work with, in Marketing Team for Anuket Project. She is very dedicated and easily approachable whenever any support for project is required.

Sept 21, 2021
5RedHatAl MortonEmma has worked with the Anuket and OPNFV Communities for ~5 years, as an active TSC Member, Barometer Project PTL, and Committer on other projects like OPNFV Yardstick.  Emma continues as a guiding voice for the TSC, often stepping-in to discussions to make the point that leads to consensus. The Anuket community is very lucky to benefit from her many contributions.Sept 28, 2021

Thank you Al Morton, I accept the nomination.

6TelstraWalter is one of the top contributor and leads Anuket Reference Model for several releases now. He's also deeply involved into the GSMA uplift which makes him a very good candidate to TSC.Oct 4, 2021

Cedric Ollivier thank you very much for your kind nomination. I really appreciate it! Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I will not be able to serve in 2022 TSC, so with regret I cannot accept this nomination.

7Cedric OllivierOrangePankaj GoyalCedric is the topmost contributor and has been for many years. He contributes greatly, especially, to both the specifications and conformance testing aspects with his depth of knowledge and hands-on approach. Cedric has been critical to the completion of the RC-1 and RC-2 specifications. Cedric is active in his contributions to the TSC.October 4, 2021

Thank you Pankaj Goyal , I kindly accept the nomination.

8Karine SevillaOrangeKarine, one of the major contributors, particularly in the areas of security in RM, RA-1, and RA-2 specifications, also has a broad perspective on all technical aspects. She would be a valuable addition to the TSC.October 4, 2021Thanks Pankaj, I accept the nomination.
9Scot SteeleMicrosoftPankaj Goyal

Scot was a key contributor and facilitator in the merger of CNTT and OPNFV, working hard to resolve the inevitable bushes of thorny issues. He was instrumental in organizing the Field Trials showing that an "assurance" program can succeed. He has been an active participant in the TSC meetings and is leading the "community coordination" effort that is critical for the success of such a diverse community. Scot will be a highly valued addition to the TSC with his organizational and interpersonal skills, and breadth of experiences.

October 5, 2021

Thank you Pankaj Goyal, I accept the nomination.

10AT&TAl is a co-lead of Anuket, and has demonstrated the drive and passion needed to advance Anuket's mission. With over 35 years of contributions to US and International network performance standards, Al demonstrates a high level of technical acumen. He has made significant contributions to both OPNFV and Anuket as a TSC lead, and participates in several other Linux Foundation projects.   October 6th, 2021Thanks Scot, I accept your nomination.
11Sridhar RaoSpirent Communications

Sridhar has been an exceptionally strong contributor across OPNFV, CNTT, and Anuket for the last year, in addition to his leadership as PTL of the ViNePERF project (recruiting many Interns and Student Volunteers), and as a TSC Member since 2019. Sridhar started the new Thoth development project in 2021,  on AI/ML for NFV use cases. He has balanced an amazing number of responsibilities across our sub-projects, and is a qualified candidate without question.

Sridhar has been great and welcoming to attend  AI/ML for NFV  project meeting. He had been crystal clear about the objectives of the meeting and the method of steering it. It was a privilege to attend his session.

October 6th, 2021

Thank you Al Morton, I accept the nomination.

12Trevor CooperIntelAl MortonIt’s clear that Trevor’s ideas and solutions have helped Anuket become the organization we are today, and he would be a valuable TSC asset. WIth the continuing industry pivot, Trevor brings new insights based on his work with Cloud-Native platforms and their performance challenges. Trevor’s observations and suggestions as we approached the working relationships and expectations of CNTT have been valuable. Trevor has been with us in OPNFV since the beginning, and has fulfilled many leadership roles in Test-WG, Pharos, VSPERF, and others.October 6th, 2021

Thank you Al Morton for your confidence in me and all the support that you  provide. I accept the nomination.  

13EricssonGeorg has been an active and valuable contributor in since the beginning of OPNFV and the formation of Anuket. Recently he has been a committer on the Kuberef project and contributed to Reference Infrastructure. As long-time member of the TSC, Georg has consistently provided thoughtful opinions that help steer the discussions to the most helpful and productive direction. His experience is a great asset when discussions regarding infrastructure testing come-up.
October 11, 2021

Thank you very muchAl Morton. I accept the nomination.

14Riccardo Gasparetto StoriVodafonePankaj GoyalRiccardo is the WSL for the RA-2 (Kubernetes-based) specifications project. He has been a very effective leader and contributor. Riccardo  has a lot of experience with cloud and cloud-native, direct experience on telco cloud architecture from multiple operator deployments, and brings an operator's perspective to the discussions.October 12, 2021

Thanks for the confidence Pankaj Goyal ,  I accept the nomination.

15UNH IOLAl MortonLincoln is a pillar of the testing community, working most actively in the LFN Anuket-Assured program as most of us know. Lincoln is also a technical leader in the Broadband Forum, and has directed the Interoperability testing program at the University of New Hampshire for many years. He is also active on the DPDK CI and Akraino CI projects, and likely many others. His broad perspective would be a great asset to Anuket, now that testing is one of our key focus areas.October 12, 2021Thank you Al Morton for the kind words.  I accept the nomination.
16China MobileSelf

In China Mobile I  am working on NFV integration+verification+delivery in China Mobile.

In Anuket, I worked on PDF definition in RI1, and implemented it in China Mobile large scale NFV resource pool acceptance test.

I have participated in OpenInfra Days China 2021, presenting China Mobile software integration practice and promoting DevIntOps concept.

I would like to continually following Anuket and contributing China Mobile practice to Anuket.

October 15 2021

Nominations for the 2022 TSC Co-Chair Election -Start on 29 Oct and ends on 12 Nov

Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganisationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
OrangePankaj Goyal

I won 6 OPNFV awards, was elected first LFN Dev representative to the Board and has led top contributions for many years. I'm also very active in ONAP and in ODL. (1,7k commits this year)

October 4, 2021

Cedric wrote his bio. 
Pankaj Goyal nominated Cedric Ollivier on 11/5. 
Cedric Ollivier accepted  the nomination on 11/8.

MicrosoftScot is great at herding cats, which is exactly what the TSC needs.Nov 2, 2021Thank you Beth, I accept the nomination.
VerizonBeth Is a unique blend of Technical savvy and efficient communications.Nov 3, 2021

Thank you Scot SteeleI will accept the nomination.

AT&TAl is awesome but you all know that already.Nov 4, 2021Thanks for your nomination, Beth. I have chaired for 2 years already, and decided not to run this time. I'll say more about this next week.
Gergely CsatariNokiaGeorg Kunz

Gergely is a long time contributor to OPNFV, CNTT and Anuket - so he is very familiar with all aspects of Anuket, making him a great TSC co-chair.

Nov 9, 2021Thanks Georg Kunz , I accept the nomination.

Nominations for the 2022 SPC Representative Election -

Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganisationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
Scot SteeleMicrosoft


Beth Cohen

I have experience as both an Operator (AT&T) and a Supplier (Microsoft). My skills and experience in organizational development include product management and strategy. I believe I can make a positive impact in this role.   

Beth Cohenis also in support of Scot Steele's nomination.


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