The document was accepted in the 2021-11-02 TSC meeting. The document was moved to Anuket Project Operations and Procedures .

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  1. I have a couple of comments.  I think it is VERY important to pin down our definition of committers here.  It should be a broader definition than is stated to include people who contribute to the overall project, not just code.  Another point we should dig into is how sub projects are started, who gets to start them and their overall lifecycle.  The reality is that projects usually have a sponsor – individual or organization that is willing to contribute resources – in whatever form that takes – to the work.  It is up to the TSC to determine if that proposal/project fits into the Anuket charter.  Does that belong in this document, or in the TSC doc?

    Should we include language about how and when a project should be retired?  There are many zombie projects out there.

    Except for Contributors and Reviewers, the other roles require that participants be affiliated with an Anuket member organization. – What does this mean?

  2. We have a definition of contributors in 2.1.1 with the definition of contribution " Contributions can take the form of requirements, specifications, code, or other artifacts ". Beth Cohen do you think that this is a) not broad enough or b) does not include specification work?
    The proposed Charter-s 3.3.b and 3.3.c points define that it is the TSC-s responsibility to approve and remove sub-projects and point of this document defines that the TSC should add committers. Do you think that we need to request resources from the ones who propose the projects?

    Can you add your comments as inline comments to the relevant places of the document? It is more easy to review them like that.

  3. Rewrite of PTL/WSL Election Procedures

    General -- PTL/WSL Election:

    In case of a vacancy for a PTL/WSL position or 30-days prior to the end of the term of the current position holder:
    An invitation to the project/workstream active membership shall be sent for nominations.
    A candidate maybe nominated or may self-nominate.
    The election shall be administered electronically by Anuket staff and the results shall be communicated to the Anuket TSC for ratification. The TSC ratification shall be pro-forma exercise.

    • If there is only one candidate for a position, then the person is elected to the position by default.
    • To be elected to the position requires a simple majority of the eliegible voting members
    • In case no candidate secures a majority (see clause above),
      • if the election was contested by more than two (2) candidates, another vote shall be conducted amongst the two candidates to get the highest number of votes
      • if the election was contested by only 2 candidates and after the election none of the two withdraws/concedes in favour of the other candidate, then the TSC shall be asked to appoint an interim PTL/WSL as per "Interim PTL/WSL appointment" below and after a 30 day waiting period, initiate the process for WSL/PTL election.

    Eligible Voting Members:

    The eligible voting members shall be:

    • If election is held in the TSC then the entire TSC membership not only those present at a meeting.
    • If the election is held by project or workstream then the eligible voters shall be the
      • Active contributors to the project/workstream and
      • Only one active contributor from an organisation

    Interim PTL/WSL Appointment

    In the case where an election of the eligible voters ends up in a tie then the TSC shall appoint an Interim PTL/WSL until new elections can be held:

    (i) ask the current PTL/WSL to continue as interim lead for a period of three (3) months, or
    (ii) if (i) is not feasible then elect one of the TSC members to be the interim PTL/WSL

    PTL/WSL Appointment

    The Anuket TSC shall vote to elect PTL/WSL at the time of the creation of a project/workstream, or at time of reactivation of a moribund project/workstream. The TSC shall also vote to elect an interim PTL/WSL in the case where the project/workstream active contributors are unable to elect a PTL/WSL.

    An election for Project Technical Leader or Workstream Leader shall occur when any of the following are true:

    1. The project or workstream is initially created or reactivated; the TSC shall elect
    2. The PTL or WSL resigns; the active contributors of that project/workstream shall elect
    3. First week of November (for next year); the active contributors of that project/workstream shall elect
  4. In case you have any comments to the proposal from Pankaj to chapter please add it to the comment 14 of 18.

  5. Hi Gergely Csatari ,

    We have "sub-project deletion" on the agenda for the Technical Discussion on .

    I believe what we need is a complete section on Sub-Project Life-cycle, including creation, archiving (replaces deletion), and reactivation.

    Please allow me to suggest some text for this purpose as a starting point for Anuket discussions. It might save us some time.

    1. Al,

      the write-up works for non-specification projects but not the specification projects. Actually in the description ("development of upstream code, integration of platform components, support functions to create and maintain the infrastructure and the development and maintenance of the toolchains we use.").

      1. We incorporated the original text in the meanwhile and adopted it to Anuket. Please check section 2.3.

  6. Meeting notes :

    • At the moment we do not have a lifecycle of sub-projects described in the document
    • OPNFV have sub-project lifecycle states defined here:
    • We should have more streamlined lifecycle management for the processes than the OPNFV one
      • Integration state is not needed
      • Graduation review
        • Security checks
        • Daily gates (pre-merge and daily jobs of post-merge)
        • Linters
    • Gergely to copy the OPNF project Lifecycle document to the Project operations ... doc
      • Remove Integration review and Integration phase
      • Add the discussed items to the graduation review
      • We should think about to ease the process for reactivation. One option is to reduce the time window from two weeks to one week
      • Creation review and other places
        • Remove the check for BoD ploicy check as this is not something what the TSC can do
    • Other related issues

  7. Make a recommendation that there be a minimum of 3 contributors, rather than up to 3.  Those are very different statements.

    • An initial group of a minimum of 3 (three) Project Committers from different organisations are added at project creation or reactivation of a archived project.
    • The Committers for a project select and vote for new Committers for that project, subject to TSC approval.
    • New Committers for a project should have a demonstrable established history of meritocratic contributions in the technical domain of the project. – What does this even mean?  I recommend striking this sentence.