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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Antitrust notices
  • Walk-in items
    • content freeze on 31st - only proofreading PRs after that, until 15th June
    • Riccardo Gasparetto Stori not available next week - will cancel
    • LFN d&t forum overlapping on 10th of June - will probably cancel as well
    • PR 2383: k8s version in readme
      • looks ok, merged
    • PR 2415 - Device Plugin operation and example
      • committed some tweaks for clarity otherwise ok
      • merged
    • PR 2400 - remaning SIG features
      • Cedric Ollivierhas added all relevant SIG features, except SIG storage (needs a deep dive to select relevant & non-proprietary flags)
      • what is working already is already flagged as mandator
      • we should merge and add more in subsequent PRs
      • merged
    • PR 2373 - cluster LCM
      • limit Kali PR to ch3 to define what the block is, will define what specs are worthy and which aren't in the next releases (eg. CNI installation may be ok, but Cluster API may be not)
      • all suggestions included, 4 approvals,
    • PR 2449
      • Security Groups requirement is implemented by the NetworkPolicies
    • PR 2459 - TOC missing items
      • new comments to be addressed
    • Issue 2341 - List of APIs - we have the policy, need to have a explicit list of approved APIs as well
      • proposed to list API families rather than resources, is this ok?
    • PR 2460 - abbreviations and references
      • to be centralised
      • please review
  • Merged: 

Meeting Recording

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