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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Antitrust notices
  • Walk-in items
    • PR 2425: Figure 1-1 - changed: NFVI -> HW Resources, VIM -> HW Infra Mgr. Also changed: Master -> Control
      • good to go! - can't merge myself for some reason, will flag it's ready
    • PR 2422 - Add Custom Resources
      • CRD in chapter 3
      • ok
      • propose to move operators to a subsection of this and rename "custom controllers"
        • Petar Torre : Yes. Did those changes in PR #2416. There I added line on custom controllers but still kept the title "Operator Pattern" as more desired way of doing custom controllers. Please comment on PR #2416 as needed
      • merge together with 2416
    • PR 2417 - Containers Bare Metal and in VMs 
      • seems like hypervisor requirements for caas on vm? should we move to ch4?
        • seems to have been redone. another PR will be done for ch4
      • all questions seem resolved, clarified deltas from caas-on-bm to caas-on-vm
      • merged, Petar Torreto sync with ch4
    • PR 2416 - Operators
      • has this been made vendor agnostic?
      • to highlight that it's one of many ways o implement custom resource controllers
        • done
      • should add examples?
    • PR 2415 - Device Plugin operation and example
      • rgs to suggest some tweaks for clarity otherwise ok
        • still tbd
    • PR 2378 - k8s api policy
    • added issues 2441 and 2440
      • SIG storage specs - should deep dive and add a table for its features to ch06
      • ch06 intro - including feature gate policy and explanation of labels (eg "conformance")
    • cluster LCM:
      • limit Kali PR to ch3 to define what the block is, will define what specs are worthy and which aren't in the next releases (eg. CNI installation may be ok, but Cluster API may be not)
      • will merge 2373 when all suggestions for the function definition are included
    • PR 2382 - k8s 1.21 - Gergely Csatari to review comments, then can be merged
    • Issue 2341 - List of APIs - we have the policy, need to have a explicit list of approved APIs as well
    • PR 2400 - remaning SIG features
      • Cedric Ollivierhas added all relevant SIG features, except SIG storage (needs a deep dive to select relevant & non-proprietary flags)
      • what is working already is already flagged as mandatory
      • rc2 will then adapt - some test implementations may be skipped bc they're GCP specific, 
      • ipv6 dual stack not yet enabled
      • functest 1.21 about to be released 
      • Pending q's
        • "Conformance" means it's in the k8s conformance test, and "None" means mainstream features
      • It remains sig-storage which asks for a deep dive on both features and drivers. As starting point, the features list conforms with the upstream K8s gates (kind).
        It allows RA2 team to update the mandatory choices which RC2 will conform. It's worth mentioning that a few related test could be still skipped in RC2 (only for gce, disruptive, alpha, etc.).
        "Conformance" means it's in the k8s conformance test, and "None" means mainstream features

  • AOB & Project review
  • Permanent FYI
  • Actions/Next steps

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