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  • Agenda:
    • Kali Release PRs:
      • PR#2320: "Basic and High Performance Flavor profiles": proposal to to stop working on this PR, and replace it by PR#2384: WK→ discuss with Rodriduez

      • PR#2343: "References to GSMA security documents": merged, branch deleted

      • PR#2347: "Added 3.4.2 Time Sensitive Workloads": proposal to replace by PR#2386 to resolve conflicts.  NOTE: Section 3.5 (Network) has been renumbered by Walter as Admin: CLOSED and replaced by PR#2386

      • PR#2377: "Storage Telemetry Definitions": merged

      • PR#2384: "Rewrite 4.2" replacing PR#2320: Reviews needed
      • PR#2385: "[RM Ch09] Tenant Networking Automation": Reviews/approvals needed (minor)

      • PR#2386: "[RM 3.5.4] Time Sensitive Networking": replacing PR#2347: Reviews/approvals needed (contents the same, but in a different section now)

      • PR#2387: "Virtual Network": referring to 3.5 Network: Reviews/approvals needed (minor)
    • Kali Release Issues:
      • Issue#2067: "Review use-cases that are used for the analysis": Help needed

      • Issue#2135:"[RM Ch03] "Illogical sub chapter order": assigned to Walter Kozlowskiproposal to CLOSE, link → closed by PR#2387

      • Issue#2313: "[RM Ch07] "Zero trust environment": No PRS, need to assigned and resolved
      • Issue#2314: "[RM Ch07] "Multi-Cloud security]: No PRS, need to assigned and resolved 

      • Issue#2315: "[RM Ch07]  "Open source Software]: No PRS, need to assigned and resolved
      • Issue#2316: "[RM Ch07]  "Storage of sensitive data": No PRS, need to assigned and resolved
      • Issue#2317: "[RM Ch07]  "Automation security": assigned to Walter Kozlowsk, PR#xxxx (work in progress)
      • Issue#2322: "[GOV][RM] Fix or at least precise backwards compatibility and release support": This Issue refers to Sec, where RM talks about backward and forward compatibility of profiles, not about compatibility of releases.  Proposal: to reassign this Issue from RM to TSC (where Release Mgmt is defined)

      • Issue#2328: "[RA2 Ch3.8] Define SyncE requirement": should be closed by PR#2386, Beforing closing, put a reference to SyncE

      • Issue#2334: "[RM][RA1][RA2] Streamline names of flavours": should be closed by PR#2384

      • Issue#2352: "[RM Common] Common - Technical Policies": assigned to Walter Kozlowski, PR#xxxx (work in progress)

      • Issue#2353: "[RM Ch03] SFC Section 3.5.1 Architecture": proposes to add an ER diagram: assigned to Kumar Sumangit, need to raise PR and include the diagram

      • Issue#2354: "[RM Ch02] Workload Profiles": assigned to Pankaj Goyal: umbrella issue for Issues 2366 and 2368

      • Issue#2365: "[RM Ch04] 4.3 Networking Section doesn't belong in Chapter 4": proposal: Move it under 3.5 "Network". See: for the new context, also possible changes to Chapter 5 because of repetitions in new Chapter 4, Tomas → advise about moving 4.3 into 3.5, or creating a separate Chapter

      • Issue#2366: "[RM Ch04] Align RM 4.2 with Chapter 02 - Node & Workload Profiles": assigned to Pankaj Goyal, should be resolved by PR#2384: "Rewrite 4.2"

      • Issue#2368: "[RM Ch05] Modify 5.1 and 5.2 around Workload Profiles and Workload Flavours"Need to be resolved after PR#2384 is done

      • Issue#2369: assigned to Riccardo Gasparetto Stori: "[RM Ch02] 2.4.2 Node Flavours align with updates to RM Section 4.2": No PRS, need to assigned and resolved, relation to Issues#2366, 2354, 2368?

      • Issue#2388: "[RM Chxx] Alignment to NG.126 2.0 reg Appendix A": assigned to Walter Kozlowski

      • Issue#2389: "[RM Chxx] Alignment to NG.126 2.0 reg Appendix B": assigned to Walter Kozlowski

Anuket Kali release milestones: 

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M1Release planning


M2Scope Freeze


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M5Release Readiness






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