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      • Open Infrastructure PTG – happening this week.  Interesting presentations from the ETSI MEC team and Akraino team.   Only attended the Edge sessions. 
      • Collaboration with GSMA OPG: workload profile flavours to be developed within RM (similarly like infrastructure / node profiles); Issue #2354;  a work page in WiIki for collaboration Anuket + OPG Working Space
        • Tom Van Peltand Pankaj Goyalmet with the OPG team  Anuket was used to share with the GSMA community.  Brokers for multi-cloud platforms.  Presentation here: Anuket Reference Model Workstream
          Need a broker service to bridge across clouds.  OPG is just starting to talk about infrastructure.  Mostly concerned with the application level.  Need to bridge between the interfaces.  OITF/Anuket OPG mapping.   There is some confusion about North bound and the need for East/West bound traffic.  If you have a broker service, might not E/W bound distinction.  The broker service makes it transparent.  Cisco has a broker (Clickr) that crosses all the different cloud platforms.  Outcome of the session, is that the OPG team is looking at it.  Need to decide it if the approach is something to incorporate into GSMA reference docs.  Should we raise more PRs to incorporate the changes needed for the GSMA work?  Team should dig into the open Issue #2354;  and add comments to get the process going.   For example: Lack of discussion of latency effects.  Will need to get into the reasons for see E/W the same as N/S traffic per GSMA.  Depends on the level you are looking at it.  Application level, or network level.  There will be a meeting the following week.   If you want to participate in the project:  Anuket + OPG Working Space on Anuket RM wiki: (OBSOLETE) Anuket + OPG Working Space.  for the docs and there will be additional meetings in the coming weeks.
      • Update on joint XGVELA / Anuket PaaS Survey: Pankaj Goyal  – Draft Pared Down -- LFN PaaS Survey  working on a survey to help guide the project.
      • Update on Hardware Acceleration activities: Petar Torre – Will be a discussion at the OITF that will feed back to Anuket
      • Update on Networking Semantics activities: Per Andersson – Will be coming back next week with an update
      • Update on Security activities: Karine Sevilla PR#2343 for the team review – Karine will do this later
      • Review and update on the Kali RM Issues and related PRs – A few more items that need to be updated per Walter Kozlowski#2347 TIme sensitive  workloads has several people working on it. #2353 SFC Section Architecture.  This was broken into 3 PRs, 2 are completed, the third is not done yet.  Needs to be opened.  Work is spelled out in #2353.  #2320  still needs work.  Will need to Joao Rodriguesto find out what is happening with this PR.  Seems to need more clean up.  #2343 References to GSMA security docs.  Needs some reviews to close.  Issue #2067 needs to be discussed at the next RM meeting.  #2322 needs more work.  #2352  Common Technical Policies, needs to be cleaned up.  Workload profiles #2354 related to streamlining the flavours..  Big section that needs for.  Karine needs help with the security sections. Will finalize the HW next week. after the OITF.
      • Global update to RM doc from CNTT to Anuket

Anuket Kali release milestones: 

M0Start of release


M1Release planning


M2Scope Freeze


M3Content Freeze




M5Release Readiness





  1. Pankaj Goyal to send message to the RM team for review when the survey is ready
  2.  Beth Cohen to contact Karine Sevilla regarding storage work for the Kali release


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