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      • Agenda and Minutes
        • Agenda bashing
          • Collaboration with GSMA OPG: workload profile flavours to be developed within RM (similarly like infrastructure / node profiles); Issue #2354;  a work page in WiIki for collaboration (OBSOLETE) Anuket + OPG Working Space
        • Update on joint XGVELA / Anuket PaaS Survey: Pankaj Goyal
        • Update on Hardware Acceleration activities: Petar Torre
        • Update on Networking Semantics activities: Per Andersson To create Issue(s) and PRs
        • Update on Security activities: Karine Sevilla PR#2343 for the team review
        • Issue#2352 (; modify CNTT Technical Policies and Transition Plan regarding the addition of acceleration technologies in RM: Karine Sevilla

        • Review and update on the Kali RM Issues and related PRs
        • Global update to RM doc from CNTT to Anuket

Anuket Kali release milestones: 

M0Start of release


M1Release planning


M2Scope Freeze


M3Content Freeze




M5Release Readiness





  1. Pankaj Goyal to send message to the RM team for review when the survey is ready
  2.  Beth Cohen to contact Karine Sevilla regarding storage work for the Kali release


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