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      • Agenda 
        • Agenda bashing
          • Time of the RM meeting:  The meeting has agreed to move RM meeting one hour later form the next week.  Walter to make changes and send invites.
          • Per's presentation: Kubernetes networking semantics
        • Agenda: 
          • WG1 XGVela collaboration: Pankaj: Survey being edited according to best practice, Pankaj will send message to the RM team for review when is ready
          • WG2 Acceleration: PetarHardware Acceleration Abstraction
          • WG3 Storage: Beth: Beth to contact Karine
          • WG4 K8s multi-networking and load balancing: Per: updated wiki with the presentation Kubernetes networking semantics
          • WG5 ORAN collaboration: Tomas: Proposal: close this WG for now. Close the WG
        • Review RM related Issues and PRs in github for Kali release:
          • Chapter 3 structure: PR#2338 - Please review
          • Profile and flavors: PR#2312, PR#2320, PR#2268 - Please review, Walter to put on the RM Agenda, invite Riccardo to join
          • SFC: PR#2309 merged, #PR2319 Please review
          • Use case review: No PR.  Walter to review and create PR if needed.  Volunteers are welcome.Walter to put on the RM Agenda
          • Security: Issues 2313 - 2318 raised, no PRs, Karine is working on it.  Volunteers are welcome. Walter interested to help with Issue on Automation Security Issue 2317. 
          • Time synchronisation: Issues 2328 and 2329; Arkady working on PRs
          • Acceleration: no issues no raised so far. Need to stay in sync with ORAN regarding APIs.  Arkady raised issue 2342, not for Kali release.
          • Networking semantics (based on Per's presentation): current contents fits into RA-2 rather than RM. What do we need in RM? Walter to put on the RM agenda. 

Anuket Kali release milestones: 

M0Start of release


M1Release planning


M2Scope Freeze


M3Content Freeze




M5Release Readiness





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