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Anuket Kali release milestones: 

M0Start of release


M1Release planning


M2Scope Freeze


M3Content Freeze




M5Release Readiness





      • Updates from Work Groups
        • WG1 XGVela collaboration: Pankaj:  Survey internally finalised; transferred to survey monkey by LNF, Joint Anuket and XGVELA PaaS Survey - DRAFT
        • WG2 Acceleration: Petar: Hardware Acceleration Abstraction
        • WG3 Storage: Beth: Beth Cohenlooking for a co-host of this work group; Any contents for Kali release? Waiting for volunteers to join, Issue #2056 now in Backlog
        • WG4 K8s multi-networking and load balancing: Per: presentation to RM on "Network semantics" on Feb 24 (25 minutes); In 3 weeks another presentation on K8s Networking (March 24), discussion on how to incorporate into RM and RA-2 to be continued in thenext RM meeting; Per Andersson to add wiki with the slides
        • WG5 ORAN collaboration: Tomas: Sukhdev, Pankaj, Karine, Toshi, Tom, Arkady and optional Walter,  meeting was held, next step: improving documentation in slide pack for the review in this group and bring it to RM; Collaboration with ORAN to be  continued, but no specific content is expected for Kali
      • Use Case review, to be continued in Issue #2067, and subsequent PRs
      • Review RM related Issues and PRs in github for Kali release, to be continued in all subsequent RM meetings until Kali
    • Announcements:

      1.  GSMA non-members who want to participate in OITF please contact Tom Van Pelt ,  Those who are interested in GSMA PRD FS.31 - it is available at
      2. CNCF CNF WG (Cloud Native Network Functions Working Group):
      3. GSMA Security White Paper 'Open Networking & the Security of Open Source Software Deployment - Future Networks' :

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