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  • CNTT Elbrus Release Cycle
    • M3 Contents Freeze:    15 January 2021, 
    • M4 Proofreading Freeze:       22 January 2021
    • M5 Release Candidate :   26/01
    • M6 Release Signoff:   29/01
      • Network/Hardware ManagementHardware Infrastructure Management: function and APIsTomas, WalterHighElbrus MVPPR#2144 approved, merged

        Primary & secondary networkingTomas, Suresh, GergelyMediumElbrus MVPPR#2155 approved, merged
        OperationsSecurity (workloads and infrastructure) - alignment with ONAPKarine, Amy, PankajClosed for Elbrus

        Done from Elbrus MVP perspective

        Karine reviewing FS.31 and FS.40 from GSMA FASG from the possible alignment perspective for post Elbrus

        Operations and Life-cycle Management 
        Closed for Elbrus
        PR#2129 approved, merged
        Contents in Sec 9.5
        Missing contents for 9.5.1 Infrastructure LCM Automation - post_Elbrus

        Automation (closed loop automation)
        Closed for Elbrus

        Gap 10.3.6 raised in Chapter 10

        Observability/telemetrySukhdev, Zlatko, PetarClosed for ElbrusSec 9.6
        AccelerationHardware acceleration abstractionPetar, Tomas, Per, WalterClosed for ElbrusSec 3.8
        Karine, PetarClosed for ElbrusWork in progress on structure
        Special use casesLoad balancingPer, SukhdevClosed for ElbrusSec 10.3.2 (gap defined)

        Mutual discovery (workloads/infrastructure)Sukhdev, Tomas
        Closed for ElbrusSec 10.3.1 (gap defined)

        Service function chainingSuresh, SukhdevClosed for ElbrusSec 3.5.1
        Model for Enterprise Cloud and Edge
        Walter, Pankaj, AhmedClosed for ElbrusChapter 8
        Alignment with ONAPInvestigate topics other than securityPetarOngoingPetar to present to RM meeting
        Alignment with GSMA OPGInvestigate alignment pointsWalterOngoingDepends on outcomes of joint OITF and OPG meetings
        Alignment with ORAN?Influence ORAN regarding telco cloud
        OngoingTomas raised this question as he participates in WG 6. Karine to find out how we could discuss possible  dependencies, alignments, cloud principles....
        Alignment  with ODIM
        MartinOngoingBring to this meeting the actions, comments from previous sessions and vF2F 
        Granularity of RM profiles

        OngoingIssue 2068Ricardo as the new RA-2 leader has joined RM meetings
        R2view of RM Chapter 2 use cases
        AllOngoingIssues 2067



        1.  GSMA non-members who want to participate in OITF please contact Tom Van Pelt ,  Those who are interested in GSMA PRD FS.31 - it is available at
        2. Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF) Working Group:
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