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Mark Beierl stepped down from the TSC on  

This Calendar Approved by the TSC on  

The events and activities mentioned below are described in more detail in the Community Election Procedure.

Nominations and elections will close at 5 p.m. (PT) on the date specified below.

End DateActivity

No later than  

Publish list of active contributors -Allow time to pull and review queries

 + 2 weeks  

Community review of active contributor list

+ 1 weeks  Overlaps review

TSC nominations for Mark Beierl's seat,  remaining term in 2021.

Election begins within 30 days of Mark stepping down.

+ 2 weeks  

TSC replacement election ends (Condorcet)

"*" = duration codified in the charter

Some notes:

  • Merger after-effects: Because the eligibility period is 12 months from September 6, part of the eligibility period predates Anuket (started Jan 1). The Insights query will need to take the union of Anuket Insights contributions for 2021 and CNTT/OPNFV legacy contributions for the time period Sept 6, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020. 
  • Some of the contribution types outlined in the charter are not captured in Insights (e.g., blog posts, whitepapers, etc.). ONAP handles this by providing the automated data and leaving it to contributors to provide information about those contributions with the approval of the TSC to adjust their total. Recommendation to use the same process during the PTL active contributor review timeframe for Anuket.
  • Because some portion of the Doc projects 2021 contributions were not captured in Insights (due to GitLab POC work), recommendation is to use the PTL review process to ensure active contributors for that work are not lost. (Note that other projects doing Gitlab POC work are mirrored with existing Gerrit and so therefore their work has been captured in Insights). 

Nominations (or Self-nominations) for the 2021 TSC Member Replacement Election - Nomination process to start on September 20, 2021

Please nominate yourself or another eligible Anuket member. 

Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganisationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
Ulrich KleberHuaweiselfI worked in OPNFV some time ago as project lead and TSC member. Later joined CNTT, also in leadership there. Being also a workgroup vice chair in ETSI NFV, working as a technical officer for the coordinator to ETSI NFV and MEC. In Anuket focusing on RM and RA2.Sept. 14, 2021
MicrosoftCedric OllivierPankaj is top3 contributor and leads Anuket Reference Architecture 1. His advices are key in all technical discussions which makes him a very good candidate to TSC.Sept. 21 2021Nominations was past the dead line

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