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Antitrust policies

Action item register

  • Trevor Bramwell clarify how can we adopt the current user roles of the CNTT repo to GitLab
  • Gergely Csatari to create a Doodle for a better timeslot of the meeting
    • Done
  • Gergely Csatari to move the Zoom and the meeting invitation from next week

Organisation topics

  • New timeslot for the meetings is 13h UTC on Wednesdays from next week

Technical topics

Anuket Project Operations and Guidelines document for commenting - Gergely Csatari  - 30 min

Network automation project - Sridhar Rao , Jie Niu - 30 min

  • The idea come up in the CIRV meeting – presentation by Jie Niuon the network configuration automation tool project.  Based on work that is being done by China Telecom and previously by OPNFV
  • In a real world cloud deployment the following steps are required
    • HW integration
    • Network configuration
      • Configuration of network devices based on network planning
    • Cloud deployment
    • App deployment
  • So what is in the network configuration spec
    • Topology requirements
    • aggregation switch configuration
    • TOR configuration
    • VRF-s ... (rest is on the slides)
  • Tools – Recommending using Ansible for the scripting – Can it be some other tool?  How can the text template be more generic to support other tools?  Is that even possible?
    • Ansible have a network module what can support lots of network devices
  • Participants
    • There are already 2 persons from CMCC who are willing to work on the project
    • Sridhar might be also interested
    • Would suggest seeing if another Telecom is interested contributing to this project.
  • Questions
    • Is Ansible a design decision of the tool or the tool can produce an abstract output what can be translated to different automation frameworks, like Ansible, Puppet or whatever


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