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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Antitrust notices
  • Walk-in items
    • Flavours - PR 2312 -
      • merged!
    • pr 2292 - merged
    • PR 2332: cedric proposed a new chapter between 6 and 7 with tables listing the K8S SIG features that are mandatory or not.
      • will require restructuring and opening a number of issues to track all SIG features that are in scope of RA2, if accepted
      • Conformance =. CNCF conformance, is a subset of the overall set of CNTT tests (~300)
      • test cases source is e2e test framework - integrated with functest as framework
      • test cases are divided by sigs - ref.
      • After merging, Cedric Ollivier to author the tables for SIGs that have tests already specified
      • RA2 team to specify, for each feature, whether it's mandatory or not - some items may require fleshing out
      • idea is for RC2 to sync automatically with content of table once it's completed
    • Issue 2341: as RC is run against a specific K8S API, request is to be prescriptive and mandate/specify an exact API and version for all RA2 K8S components
      • Criteria to decide whether an API version is acceptable: follow upstream K8S ref implementation? Propose to use whatever upstream uses
      • Defining a min reference k8s release does not implicitly mandate an API version - must decide among the non-deprecated versions within a k8s release
      • Minimum set of k8s objects for RA2 compliance must be defined before specifying the API for each - get from upstream
    • Per's presentation: Kubernetes networking semantics
    • Kubernetes external network orchestration discussion in CNCF CNF WG:

  • AOB & Project review
  • Permanent FYI
  • Actions/Next steps