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    1. M5 (30/04/2023)

      •  Final documentation completed

        For non specification sub-projects the remaining Jira issues assigned to the release closed or pushed to next release by the PTL-s. Movement of the issues reported to the TSC in a mail or in a TSC meeting.

        ProjectMail or meeting

      •  Prepare release artifacts
        • Tag the version of artifacts to be released
          •  releng job updated to use release branch instead of master
        • PTLs collect all artifact references and communicates them to LF staff
        • LF staff moves artifacts to hosting location and provides URLs to the PTL-s and the TSC
        • PTL-s verify URLs
        • PTL provides confirmed URL list to LF staff and the TSC for publication on the website
      •  PTL-s verify that there are no unmerged patches or PR-s. In case of any unmerged patches or PR-s notify the TSC.
      •  A volunteer TSC member or LF staff creates release branch for GitHub
        • Volunteer:
      •  PTL-s create sub-project specific release highlights and report the creation to the TSC
      •  TSC drafts release announcement blog post and sends it to LF staff for publication
      •  TSC member finalizes version numbering for the specification projects
        • Volunteer

      Notes on M5

      M4-S (02/04/2023)

      •  Proofreading completed

      Notes on M4-S

      M4 (26/03/2023)


        Non specification sub-projects have a release branch created by a committer of the sub-project or LF staff


      •  Specification content created matching high level issues (M2)
        •  Specification sub-project leads review PR status with TSC

          ProjectReview meeting or mail

        •  PRs indicated as closed on the specification dashboard

      Notes on M4

      M3 (20/02/2024)

      •  For non specification sub-projects participating in the release high priority Jira issues resolved (closed or assigned to future release) last resolved issue is reported to the TSC on mail or in the TSC meeting by the PT
      •  For non specification sub-projects participating in the release preliminary documentation completed (confirmed by volunteer TSC members)
        • Volunteer:

      Notes on M3

      M2 (14/11/2023)


        For non specification sub-projects participating in the release Jira issues assigned to release (should reflect work described in project release plan) by the PTL-s and reported to the TSC in a mail



        High level issues identified by specification sub-project teams and appear on the GitHub dashboard by the PTL-s and reported to the TSC in a mail


      Notes on M2

      M1 (07/11/2023)

      Notes on M1

      M0 (24/10/2023)

      •  Release milestones are defined by a volunteer TSC member
      •  Release milestones approved by the TSC
      •  Volunteer TSC members sends a mail to the Tech Discuss mailing list asking for PTLs of non specification sub-projects to submit project-level release plans if they plan to participate in the release and asking the PTLs of specification sub-projects to complete the specification planning template for the release

      Notes on M0

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