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Issue #DeliverableComments AF_XDP. PR#3314 under reviewapproved and merged. alignment, O-Cloud requirements.

The text and diagrams discussed and approved in RM meetings, new PR to be raised by Tomas Fredberg with the text as in the attached file Anuket O-RAN alignment 2023 05 30.docx

PR#3346 (diagrams) approved and merged. HW assist.PR#3319 approved and merged. Hardware Infrastructure Manager section in Chapter 3 (alignment with ODIM). PR#3306 under review. More PRs expected., topic rescheduled to post-Orinoco. Multi-Cloud - Multi-Cloud Interactions Model - Work/Standard/Technologies Supporting Realisation.Issue moved to backlog. Hugepages metrics to internal-performance-measurement-capabilities. PR #3328 approved and merged.

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Issue #DeliverableComments