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    • RM Meetings, new times for the Southern Hemisphere summer time and Northern Hemisphere winter time zones:
      • Wednesdays at 22:00 in France and Germany, 21:00 in Portugal, 14:00 in Denver, 8:00 on Thursday in Melbourne; (after 6th of November): supported; Walter to extend current invites until 6th of November
      • Cadence: bi-weekly.
    • ALL: We need to speed up our work to resolve issues in the Nile scope (M4 at 29th of November 2022), see status and actions in the table below:

      Issue #DeliverableComments
      3088 CLOSEDCloud Infrastructure Lifecycle automation; chapter restructure

      Integration to ODIM (TBC)

      PR#3210 by Walter Kozlowski   approved and merged, PR#3220 (moving Automation to the end of Chapter 9) approved and merged; PR#3222 approved Integration to ODIM (TBC)

      PR#3210 by Walter Kozlowski   approved and merged, PR#3220 (moving Automation to the end of Chapter 9) approved and merged; PR#3222 approved and merged and merged

      2984 POST-NILE Storage Scenarios

      John Hartley  to create contents and PR(s), high priority, John Hartley  PR in the week of 14th Nov

      2666 POST-NILE Principles for storage

      John Hartley  to create contents and PR(s), in collaboration with team;  topic for RM meeting on 23/11 (possibly no content change, but editorial changes)

      2578 POST-NILEStorage for Multi-cloud

      John Hartley  to create contents and PR(s), mainly editing; to be discussed at RM meeting on 23/11

      2804 CLOSED Multi-cloud security and regulatory aspects in Chapter 8

      Walter Kozlowski and Karine Sevilla to discuss contents and create PR(s); Karine Sevilla to start review and updates, Karine Sevilla  will add contents based on white paper on 5G pn responsibility vs accountability Evolving-5G-Security-for-the-Cloud-2022-InDesign.pdf. - PR#3246 approved and merged

      2840 BACKLOG

      Requirements for hybrid multi-cloud security in Chapter 7 Karine Sevilla to move this issue to backlog, and create another one for updates of references

       Karine Sevilla to add new references but not requirements, replaced by Issue 3247

      3080Hybrid Multi-Cloud Catalog Management

      John Hartley  PR#3261 approved and merged

      3136 CLOSEDAlignment of Hybrid Multi-Cloud interaction model with LCM Automation

      PR # 3239, 3240, 3241: approved and merged 

      PR#3234, 3235 approved and merged

      3095 BACKLOGAlignment with industry standards relating to instantiating hybrid multi-cloud environments 

      Needs further team discussion and input in the next release

      2067 BACKLOGReview of use cases to BACKLOG

      for 6G see Issue#3214, other use cases - moved to backlog

      3120 CLOSEDHardware Acceleration updates

      References to the latest O-RAN WG6 specifications added, PR#3242, 3243 - approved and merged

      3214 POST-NILE6G Requirements & Architecture

      Joao Rodrigues created PR#3253, 3254, 3255 - under review

      3247Security references update, replacement of Issue#2840

      Karine Sevilla created PR#3249 approved and merged

      3223Energy consumption metrics

      Xavier Grall created PR#3262, 3258 approved and merged

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