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  • Add documentation guidelines
    • heavily commented template, for example, with comments indicating heading level, simple and complex table formats (use of csv?), etc.
  • Clarify contribution guidelines
  • Do a better job of converting RAx requirements into user stories and test cases that can be used in RCx.
  • More community outreach to recruit new member companies – propose session at ONS Summit
  • Need to add field trials against the Anuket Assured badge to gain traction in the community
  • Can we work with CNCF to develop field trials of not only the Anuket infrastructure piece, but also toe CNF/VNF piece.
  • Need to relook at Functest as it is currently a single point of failure (Cedric)
  • Maybe we should create a doc team with a sub-stream leader who should review and merge the pr-s outside of the scope of doc sub-streams

Anuket Scope issue

Was not covered in the meeting.

Following up the DTF session [2] and the discussion on the TSC meeting on 2022.07.12 [1] I try to frame the scope problem in this mail and propose some timeslots for a regular call to sort the topic out.


How to document documentation best practices