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DateRevisionEvent / ChangeMilestones AffectedNotes
June 21
The TSC approved M4-S, M5, and Sign OffM4-S, M5, Sign Off
June 14
TSC deferred M4-S, M5, and Sign Off to June 21M4-S, M5, Sign Off
June 7r5TSC agreed to push M4-S and M5 out to June 14, concurrent with Sign Off.M4-S, M5The TSC agreed that in the future we will combine M5 release readiness with Sign Off, rather than having separate milestones.
May 24r4TSC approved M4, contingent upon review of PRs at the next TSC meetingM4
Apr 19r4TSC approved revised scheduleM3, M4, M4-SM3 slips two weeks.  M4 and M4-S slip one week. Signoff stays the same.
Mar 29r3TSC approved change to release process

M3, M4,


  • New milestone added (M4-S)
  • "Specification created" task moved from M3 to M4
  • "Proofreading" task moved from M4 to M4-S
  • Dates for existing milestones unchanged
Feb 1r2TSC approved M1M1
Dec 15r2Updated events, and Lakelse Sign OffNone
Dec 14r1Approved by the TSCall
Dec 14r1second draftM0, M1Moved kickoff to Jan 11 and M1 to Feb 1
Nov 1
Initial draftAll