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  • Cloud Native Matchmaking with Anuket
  • Open Source Telco Cloud with Anuket
  • Building an open, interoperable CNF platform in Anuket
  • Anuket - The open telco cloud platform
  • What does Anuket bring to cloud native

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The Anuket Open Source Project empowers the global telco community to deliver network services faster, more reliably and securely, by developing reference cloud models, architectures and conformance programs.

Today, telcos need to spend high effort for the integration of CNFs with the different cloud native telco platforms. 

To reduce this effort, Anuket defines a Kubernetes Telco Cloud reference - this includes the mandatory capabilities, the reference implementation and conformance testing.

The presentation will introduce the RA2, RI2 and RC2 projects, their content and status, and how to benefit from them.

Participation is open to all - making collaboration between telcos and network vendors an ingredient for success.

The audience are telecom professionals in any phase of their cloud native journey. The audience of the presentation will get an overview on how Anuket decreases the integration cost of CNFs to Kubernetes platforms.

The Anuket projects are working to decrease the time and effort needed to integrate CNFs and Kubernetes platforms. This will make the ecosystem more effective and agile.

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  1. We need to add something like: 

    This presentation provides an overview on the Anuket project and the benefits it provides to the industry.