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Table of Contents

Reference Model

Issue #DeliverableComments
#3438Update SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading) in 5 requirements in chapter 5 (possibly in others) in view of new changes to the chips 

Petar Torre to create PR

#3439Performance Cores versus Efficiency Cores - update Reference Model to reflect the industry developments

Petar Torre to lead and create PR; new contents required

#3440vDU requirements update related to real-time and PTP requirements (alignment with ORAN), chapter 2 (and possibly other places)

Petar Torre and Tomas Fredberg to lead and create PR

#3441Develop further energy efficiency contents towards specifications for the interfaces between, workload and management

Walter Kozlowski and Tomas Fredberg ; starting from existing contents in Chapter 3 (last section)

#3442Refresh references and links in RM the RM team
#3443Potential harmonization of Cloud Management with ORAN

Tomas Fredberg to find the proper place in documentation, e.g. Chapter 8

Reference Architecture 1

Issue #DeliverableComments

Reference Architecture 2

Issue #DeliverableComments


Align with RM

SMT & performance/efficiency cores; real-time and PTP for vDU; energy efficiency interfaces;


Update k8s release - 1.31 likely (or 1.32 but out in dec)


Specs for caas manager interface


modern naming / terms


Synchronize with Project Sylva


Review/remove SFC requirement


allow hyper threading in


Storage requirements


Implement storage replication and encryption


allow limits > allocatable CPU in


Align tests tables to latest release of functest


Specs for Monitoring & Telemetry of Kubernetes Clusters


Expand Node labeling for different features