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Notes (if you have comments prior to the meeting add them to this column with your name as the source of the comment)
5 min
2 min


  • F2F DnTF - Budapest
    • Final schedule will be announced in the next couple of days
  • ONE Summit Regional Day: India
    • Hosted by infosys
  • ONE Summit - San Jose
    • No update
5 min
  •  Release Updates

  • Pieman
    • M0
      • Release string "Pieman Release" created in Jira by a volunteer TSC member or LF staff
        • A: Sandra Jackson to ask LF IT to create the "Pieman Release" release string to the Anuket workspaces
          • Jira Projects:
            • Airship
            • Barometer
            • Common Infrastructure Realization and Validation
            • Functest
            • Infra
            • Kuberef
            • Sample Test
            • Thoth
            • VinePerf
            • Xtesting
      • Release string "Pieman Release" created in GitHub by a volunteer TSC member or LF staff
        • We do not need this

We have a next three release names: 

"Q" Release Name - Quinnipiac

"R" Release Name -  Red River in Grenada

"S" Release Name - Styx

5 min
  •  Merger of RC1 into RA1
    • RC1 is maintained as a subchapter of RA1 and has the same PTL
    • Cedric Ollivier , the PTL of both RA1 and RC1 is okay wit the merger
    • Vote: TSC agrees to merge the RC1 sub-project to the RA1 sub-project

5 min
  •  Separate repo and readthedocs or one repo and readthedocs
    • To guarantee that the docs are consistent the proposed process is that the TSC appoints “doc volunteers” who get committer rights to the sub-project repos. In case of a pr is stalling related to the look and feel of the repos with the approval of the TSC they can merge it without fulfilling the branch protection rules.

10 min
  •  Walter as the board representative
    1. My plan is to create a cross LFN wiki site to collect information, suggestions, feedback from the projects, as well as to convey the Board related and appropriate information to the project committers.
    2. My suggestion would be to have a regular (say once in a quarter or at least 6 months) an open Board meeting (like we did for AI).
    3. I think, we will need to raise a proposal for the Board to assist in seeking more resources and other (what?) support for the LFN activities.
    4. In my view, Board could influence LFN bodies to help in better marketing the projects and the committers’ efforts.  Any good ideas how?
    5. Perhaps IT support issues if we think that they should be improved.

5 min
  • is down
    • The Orange build server is permanent and it is the build server for functest, barometer, NFV bench, vineperf opnvdocs and the anuket-specs
    • The LFN build server is still needed to provide redundancy for critical jobs
    • A: Fabio Palumbo will clarify with Cedric Ollivier the status of the temporary build server managed by Orange
    • A: Sandra Jackson to get an updated from Fabio Palumbo  about the temp server and if the JNLP port was opened

Sandra Jackson 

1 min

2 min
  •  Moving LaaS repos to GitHub

5 min
    •  Value of Anuket / Anuket Task force (
      • A very subjective project health assessment
        • Kubref - Ask Dan Xu about status.  Generally has not been actively been worked on for months
        • Barometer - There is no PTL
        • Vineperf - Probably there is no PTL
        • Thoth – PTL (Rohit Singh Rathaur )
          • A: Beth Cohen will work with the AI taskforce to move Thoth to the AI project.
        • RM - active, but heavily relies on Walter Kozlowski as a PTL, who is doing the work to move to GSMA docs repository and updates to add new technology
        • RA1 - mature, only doc theme related changed in Orinoco
        • RI1 - mature, only doc theme related changed in Orinoco
        • RC1 - practically merged to RA1, no changes in Orinoco
        • RA2 - Active, but limited on resources (3 active contributors)
        • RI2 - Active, but limited on resources
        • RC2 - Cedric Ollivier is now PTL and re-activated.  1 active contributor
        • Functest, functest-kubernetes - active, relies on Cedric Ollivier alone
      • Discuss in TSC
        • Should we archive the inactive projects? We need to synch with the project contributors on this.
        • Discuss Vineperf and Thoth status
        • Focus resources on RM, R*2 and functest*

1 min
  •  Anuket logo in the anuket-project GitHub org
    • Let's add our logo to our GitHub org

2 min
  •  SPC and TAC update
Gergely Csatari , Beth Cohen 
2 min

Sub-project Leaders

5 min

1 minAOBBeth Cohen