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  • Introduction to CMCC-s internal PDF
    • Slides and example PDF:
    • It is autogenerated from pre-defined HW models with some additions of customisation data
    • CMCC is currently uses the CSV format and thinking about a JSON format
    • The PDF is used by a set of automation tools to
      • make the configuration to the different HW devices
      • OpenStack deployment
      • More details are on slide 7 of the presentation
    • This format is used to deploy the cloud and not to model the resources of the cloud
    • Airship uses a YAML file to describe very similar things
      • Airship format is PDF (1.0) and this PDF proposal includes more data
    • Original PDF was developed as part of the Pharos project
    • Next steps:
      • A: Qiao Fu  to discuss the options of in which frame PDF 2.0 work should be done (Pharos, new Anuket project, RI[12] or something else) in the TSC
      • There is a session proposed to the February LFN Developer & Testing Forum about the usage of PDF 2.0 in CI/CD
      • RI1 Chapter 6 should be updated with the new information