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Al MortonAT&TAl Morton is a Lead Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Labs, Middletown, New Jersey. He has been a chairman and recognized contributor in US and International network performance standards committees for more than 25 years. He authored or co-authored more than 31 IETF RFCs, and is a committer on several Linux Foundation projects. He has worked at Bell Labs, the U.S. Army Satellite Communications Agency, and Computer Sciences Corporation. Al spends his spare time making and enjoying music with friends and family on the New Jersey Shore and Chicago, Illinois.
Trevor CooperIntelTrevor is a leading engineer in Intel's Network Virtualization initiatives and has worked on Networking technologies for over 25 years. His focus is Edge Cloud and is involved with a number of open source communities including OPNFV, OpenStack and Akraino. He is interested in all things NFV and Edge, in particular related to network performance and testing.
Georg KunzEricssonGeorg is a Senior Systems Designer at Ericsson, working mainly on SDN and NFV. He has been the PTL of the NetReady and Dovetail projects in OPNFV before joining the TSC. He is an active contributor to the OPNFV Verified Program and the OPNFV testing community. In previous roles, he worked intensively on designing and prototyping SDN solutions for 5G networks and Openstack based cloud platforms, particularly specializing in storage solutions. Before joining Ericsson, Georg was a researcher at RWTH Aachen University, working on parallel networking simulation tools and algorithms. Georg holds a Diploma and a PhD in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen University.
Sridhar RaoSpirent

Sridhar received his Ph.D degree in computer science from National University of Singapore, in 2007. Sridhar’s research interests are mainly in the domain of next-generation wired and wireless networking, and use of Machine-Learning in Networking. Sridhar is currently working as Architect SDN/NFV with Spirent Communications, India. He has been working on Software-Defined-Networks since its inception. He has worked on various opensource (ODL, ONOS, RYU, OVS etc.) and commercial SDN controllers and switching-platforms. He is certified in Next-generation Datacenter Networking, Openstack, Docker containers, Kubernetes and Machine Learning (MLSS).

Lincoln Lavoie UNH-IOL

Lincoln Lavoie is a senior engineer and acts as an industry lead for the executive steering body at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL). In this role, he is responsible for the technical management of the broadband access technology grounds, including NFV, WiFI, DSL, Gfast, GPON, and PoE. In addition to his duties with the UNH-IOL, Lincoln participates in many industry organizations, including the Broadband Forum (BBF) and OPNFV. Lincoln currently holds leadership / editor roles within the BBF and contributor / committer roles within OPNFV.

Most recently, Lincoln led the team responsible for the OPNFV LaaS project, launched with the OPNFV Fraser release in April 2018, providing open source developers access to hardware resources to support their projects. In 2017, Lincoln worked with the Broadband Forum to develop and launch the Gfast certification program, announcing 30+ device pairs certified in 2017. He is also responsible for help to develop the Open Broadband Labs program, supporting the BBF Cloud CO projects.

Mark BeierlCanonical

Mark is a Staff Solution Architect in the Telco Innovation team. Mark has been involved with OPNFV since September 2015, when he started as the PTL of the StorPerf project. He has been involved in various working groups in OPNFV, particularly the Test Working Group. He is also passionate about the OPNFV Intern program and loves to see new students have the opportunity to both learn and participate in the community.  Recently Mark has also become involved in the ETSI OSM project contributing to the Devops and Service Assurance teams.  Mark lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and four of their five children.  Prior to VMware, Mark worked for Dell EMC as a solutions architect, and Amdocs, formerly Bridgewater Systems, as an 3GPP HSS and PCRF developer.

Emma FoleyRed HatEmma is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat working on metrics collection. She has been involved in OPNFV since 2016, when she started working on service assurance at Intel, enabling collectd stats and events to be used in OpenStack as well as maintaining testing, build and validation tools in Barometer. She is an active contributor and current PTL of Barometer. She has previously contributed to the Yardstick project, working on Network Services Benchmarking, and making improvements to documentation, usability and testing of the framework itself. She has been involved in the test working group, promoting the use of OPNFV test tools to a wider audience. In her spare time, she plays board games, crochets hats and conducts culinary experiments in her home in Ireland.
Frank BrocknersCiscoFrank Brockners is Distinguished Engineer in Cisco’s Chief Technology and Architecture Office, driving software and architecture development for software defined devices. Frank holds a diploma degree in Electrical Engineering (Aachen University) and a PhD/Dr degree in Information Science (University of Cologne).

Beth Cohen

VerizonIn her role at Verizon, Beth develops Software Defined Network and Edge products leveraging the Verizon global network.  She has been responsible for the launch of several successful products including Secure Cloud Interconnect, which allows companies to connect to public cloud services over private networks, and Virtual Network Services, which is a market leading SDN product. She has been leading technology transformation since her days working on advanced networking and managed network services at BBN, the actual inventors of the Internet.  She is an active participant in the Open Source community, holding leadership roles with the LF Networking Anuket infrastructure project, and is a founder and co-lead of the OpenStack Foundation Edge Working Group.

Ahmed El-Sawaf


Ahmed El Sawaf is a Network transformation and Cloud Infrastructure Technical Director | Senior Advisor for Saudi Telecom Company (STC). He is leading multiple Network Transformation initiatives for Cloud in the areas of NFV, SDN, Orchestration, Cloud Native, Containers, private and public Cloud and Next Generation IP Networks including segment routing, Transport SDN, Intent-based Networking, and many others ,He has a Multivendor Experience in Consulting, Design and Planning. Before joining STC, Ahmed was IP and Telco Cloud Principal Architect for Etisalat leading the IP/MPLS and Telco Cloud Architecture, Design and Planning.

Ahmed is actively contributing to various Standard Development Organization and Open source communities. He is a member of The End User Advisor Group (EUAG) within the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) & ETSI Open Source MANO (OSM), an Advisor for ETSI NFV ISG and ETSI MEC, founder of the OpenStack End User Group in Egypt.

Ahmed is Vice-chair of GSMA Telco Edge Cloud, Chair of Cloud iNfrastruture Telco Task Force (CNTT) Edge Workstream , CNTT – TIP Liaison officer, LFN EUAG- CNTT Liaison officer, co-author of a couple of IETF draft RFC covering Service Function Chaining using SRv6, and has contributed to many industrial white papers cover NFV, Telco Cloud, Orchestration.

Walter Kozlowski


Walter Kozlowski is the Principal Cloud Architect at Telstra, leading the technology transformation into a containerized, programmable, software-controlled,  telco cloud environment. Besides several IT and telco related roles at Telstra, he had worked also for IBM and HP Global Practice. He has  a long active experience in the industry organisations including TMF, ToG, LFN, and GSMA. Currently, he is the Lead of the Cloud Infrastructure Reference Model at Linux Foundation, the Co-lead of the Technical Steering Committee of Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce (CNTT), and the Chair of GSMA Open Infrastructure Task Force (OITF) providing a liaison between the CNTT and GSMA activities. Walter has the Ph.D. (Mathematics/Information Science), he was a Fulbright Scholar at California Institute of Technology. He  currently holds the position of the Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales.  Since 2009, Walter is certified as The Open Group Distinguished IT Architect and a member of the ToG Certification Board. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Cedric Ollivier


Cédric Ollivier is a network automation expert in Orange and is involved in new network architectures around network programmability, global orchestration and network disaggregation.

He contributes to multiple open source projects in relation with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV): OpenStack, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, ONAP, etc.

He was elected as OPNFV Technical Steering Committee (TSC) member in 2018 and awarded 3 times as best OPNFV community developer (6 awards in total).

He currently leads OPNFV Functest and is committer in OpenDaylight TransportPCE and OPNFV Releng.

Gergely Csatari


Gergely is working in the central part of Nokia-s OSPO and partially responsible for cloud infrastructures and container. His decades long telecom work experience includes implementing, design and cloudification of telecom elements, standardisation and open source work. He is a long term contributor of projects like OPNFV, CNTT, OpenStack and a bit of Kubernetes mostly on the design and documentation side.  

Riccardo Gasparetto Stori


As Principal Cloud Architect for Vodafone Group, Riccardo Gasparetto Stori is driving the adoption of Cloud Platforms throughout the Telco industry. Working for Vodafone Group Networks Architecture, he defines and leads the strategy and architecture for Vodafone's Network Cloud in more than 20 markets across Europe, Africa and Asia. Focusing on Containerisation and Cloud Orchestration, Riccardo is the Lead for the Kubernetes Reference Architecture Workstream (Anuket RA2) within the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN), and was formerly a Cloud Architect for Telecom Italia's NFV business uniunit

Jie Niu

China Mobile

Jie Niu obtained her master's degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2011, worked in research & develop department for cybersecurity solutions in Forcepoint from 2011-2019, she then joined China Mobile since 2020. She is a system develop engineer at China Mobile Research Institute, mainly focusing on automation solutions for NFV integration and verification, she is also working on improving CICD ability of China Mobile NFV testlab for Dev-Ops transformation.