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Issue #Issue titleCommentsPrs
3228[RM Ch03] Update Hardware Infrastructure Manager section in Chapter 3Add/update contents in Hardware Infrastructure Manager section in Chapter 3, aligning and referencing (where needed) to ODIM work. Can also use the next section "Left for future use" for this purpose.Closed by Add redfish/ODIM to hardware management section of the reference model by Bharath-KKB · Pull Request #3306 · anuket-project/anuket-specifications (
3326[RM Chap8] Orchestration Unification

The evolution of the orchestration shall take in consideration the future characteristics of the ecosystem, in order to cope with the use cases (described in Anuket)

  • Extreme Edge, Edge, Multiple Domains (agnostic)
  • Continuum Orchestration
  • Predictive Orchestration instead of reactive orchestration
  • Multiple Cloud Infrastructure (e.g. Federation, Resources availability from different MCI)
  • Enable Orchestration Management by multiple Stakeholders
  • Address Orchestration Intent

Moved into backlog for the next release.

3417[RM Chx] Add Load BalancerAdd Load Balancer into RM, as further described in RA2 PR #3415 . Closed by [RM Ch3] Load Balancer by petorre · Pull Request #14 · anuket-project/RM ( into Pieman release.
3419[RM Ch03] Energy efficiency telco specific standards The energy savings are becoming a major issue for the telecom industry. With the massive use of data, the energy efficiency in the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud environment needs a consolidated approach by the ecosystem players. Technolgy agnostic guidance should be developed by the community to assist in planning more efficient energy consumption by the open-source based cloud infrastructure.

Closed by  

[RM Ch 3] Energy efficiency opportunities by walterkozlowski · Pull Request #11 · anuket-project/RM (

[RM Ch 3] Energy efficiency updates by walterkozlowski · Pull Request #18 · anuket-project/RM (

Merged into Pieman release.
3420[RM Chxx] Updates to RM as an alignment to RA-2 Pieman The umbrella issue to cover for various updates in RA-2 due to dynamic changes expected in RA-2 in Pieman release.Closed by  [RM Ch3] Load Balancer by petorre · Pull Request #14 · anuket-project/RM ( part of alignment  and by PR [RM Ch7] Certificate LCM for workloads by petorre · Pull Request #22 · anuket-project/RM ( Merged into Pieman release.

Reference Architecture


Reference Architecture 2

Issue #Issue titleCommentsPrs


[RA2] Update to Kubernetes 1.29

Bump the Kubernetes version and add/remove new/deprecated features and APIs

Check host OS requirements against new K8s releases

[RA2 Ch1] Change k8s rel to 129 #3 ( - Merged



[RA2 CH4] Add AF_XDP specs 

Add specifications on new features for RA2 compliant clusters to implement: requirements


Infra monitoring

Express Data Path (XDP)

Edge node specs and labels

PaaS Services

Storage requirements

Service Mesh


[RA2 Ch2 Ch4] AF_XDP specs #5 ( - merged



[TSC] modern naming / terms #2396

fix terminology across docs


[RA2 Ch4] Specs for caas manager interface - CaaS LCM IaC #2792

specs for caas manager interface

[RA2 Ch6] Align tests tables to latest release of functest #3251

Align testing tables - add new tests


clarify gaps, security requirements

structure as per GSMA

Open - Proofreading


[RA2 Ch2] PaaS Services requirements #2823

Alignment with Reference Model - new additions/changes:

Load Balancer

other platform services

[Ch3, Ch4]: Adding PaaS requirements #8 ( - open

 CH2,3,4 - 3145


[RA2] Expand Node labelling for different features #3349

Expand Node labelling for different features

[RA2 CH3-4] Naming convention for schedulable devices #3388