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Notes (if you have comments prior to the meeting add them to this column with your name as the source of the comment)
5 min
Gergely Csatari 
  • Recording
2 min



None this week.
5 min
Schedule has been completed.  Will add final teamup link in minutes.
5 min
5 min
5 min

    Feedback on the Mid-Year Project Review -May 16th and 17th

  • Answer from board will come out latest after the next SPC meeting on  
5 min
  •  Value of Anuket / Anuket Task force
    • Anuket Assured
  • We had a brainstroming and identified and classified key topics of Anuket
  • Sandra Jackson will share the results with the TSC
  • Estimated timeline is to get the low handing fruits identified by end of June. Longer term topics will need to wait until the direction of the board
  • Meeting recording from Anuket Task Force: Anuket TaskForce 05_30_2023.mp4
5 min
  •  Volunteer for RC2 PTL
  •  Volunteer for Release Manager
  •  Ratification of Rohit Singh Rathaur as the Thoth PTL (Thoth PTL Election)
  • RC2 PTL
    • No volunteer
  • RM
    • No volunteer

5 min
Fabio Palumbo 
5 min
Release Updates
  •  Orinoco - Orinoco Home
  •  Pieman planning
  •  New release names 

  • Orinoco proofreading
  • Pieman planin g did not start yet

  • Please review the items in red
2 min
  •  SPC and TAC update
Gergely Csatari , Beth Cohen 
  • TAC ( )
    • Olaf Renner is the new TAC chair. Congratulations!!!!
    • There will be an election for the vice chair role.
    • Infosys representative joins the TAC
    • The releng team was working on integration to GitHub actions
    • There are plans to renew the work of Casey Cain will send out a mail to look for volunteers
    • LF is working on a slideset about the induction process
    • There will be a handout produced by LF Marketing and the TAC about the benefits of being an LFN project
2 min

Sub-project Leaders

5 min

1 minAOB
  • None