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Introduce AF_XDP

O-RAN alignment, O-Cloud requirements
Petar Torre 

Security HW assist

Update Hardware Infrastructure Manager section in Chapter 3 (alignment with ODIM)

Sustainability, renewal energy

Saad Sheikh to be confirmed

Joao Rodrigues to be confirmed
deployment models

to be discussed

Hybrid Multi-Cloud - Multi-Cloud Interactions Model - Work/Standard/Technologies Supporting Realisation #3095
John Hartley to be confirmed

Include a model for Paas #3225
Pankaj Goyal to be confirmed

Add Hugepages metrics to internal-performance-measurement-capabilities #3224
Pankaj Goyal to be confirmed

    • Define milestones for Sprint 1
    • Divide our 2023 work into 3 sprints of approx. 4-month length.
    • Define milestones for Sprint 1, next RM meeting
    • .
    • Petar Torre (Intel): “HW security” and “AF_XDP to accelerate” topics initial presentation.


  • Divide our 2023 work into 3 sprints of approx. 4-month length.
  • Creating a PR authors need to identify when the review must be completed.
  • We need at least 1 week before the end of the sprint for completion of PRs.
  • Sprint 1:
    • Proposed completion 12th of May 2023.



  • Walter Kozlowski to check why he seems to be not authorized to merge PRs : DONE and FIXED
  • All: please re-read outstanding PRs
  • Petar Torre provide a list of issues for the suggested topics (h/w): DONE