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Major topics:







Introduce AF_XDP
draft text
O-RAN alignment, O-Cloud requirements

Walter Kozlowski  ask Joao Rodrigues to confirm his involvement

John Hartley :  reach out to Tomas Fredberg  or someone else from E///

Security HW assist
draft text

Update Hardware Infrastructure Manager section in Chapter 3 (alignment with ODIM) reviewAll: review PR#3306
Sustainability, renewal energy

Saad Sheikh to be confirmed

Walter Kozlowski : reach out to Saad Sheikh 


Joao Rodrigues to be confirmed
deployment models

to be discussed

Walter Kozlowski Pankaj Goyal  to work offline to discuss potential place in RM document. E.g. Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

Hybrid Multi-Cloud - Multi-Cloud Interactions Model - Work/Standard/Technologies Supporting Realisation #3095
John Hartley confirmedJohn Hartley : provide a plan and draft

Include a model for Paas #3225
Pankaj Goyal to be confirmed

Add Hugepages metrics to internal-performance-measurement-capabilities #3224
Pankaj Goyal confirmedPankaj Goyal : create a PR


  • Divide our 2023 work into 3 sprints of approx. 4-month length.
  • Creating a PR authors need to identify when the review must be completed.
  • We need at least 1 week before the end of the sprint for completion of PRs.
  • Sprint 1:
    • Proposed completion 12th of May 2023.



  • Walter Kozlowski to check why he seems to be not authorized to merge PRs : DONE and FIXED
  • All: please re-read outstanding PRs
  • Petar Torre provide a list of issues for the suggested topics (h/w): DONEsee actions in the table above