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  • Name (Organisation) |  will incorporate Participant report from Zoom.

Pankaj Goyal (Microsoft)

As a courtesy to your colleagues please mute yourself when in listen mode. Thanks


NG.133 v2.0.pdf: the official PRD is available.

 But the references are lost in the pdf document, The word document is good. Karine will send an email to Javier for correction.

Ongoing work for Nile

  • Review of Nile Dashboard
  • PR#3238, SR-IOV, Karine will modify the Common/technologies.
  • Karine will add a PR about acceleration (FPGA and GPU)
  • Isuue#3183, Pankaj will add a reference to RA2 ch4

Next meetings

2022-11-28: next meeting  (to be confirmed)meeting - shorter meeting 30min

Meeting Recording: none