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Nominee's Name Nominee's OrganisationNominated byNomination Supporting StatementDateNominee's Acceptance
Scot Steele Microsoft

Scot Steele has demonstrated his leadership and organizational skills over the years as a member of this community including the merger of two communities. His skills will be valuable in representing Anuket outside of the Anuket community, soft-touch leadership of this community, and future growth.

I am adding my support for Scott's value to the TSC.

November 11, 2022Thank you Pankaj, I accept the nomination.
Georg Kunz EricssonPankaj Goyal 

Georg Kunz has been active in the Anuket community and TSC. In the TSC, he is always a voice of reason and seeks solutions to the problems at hand.  As the Anuket project enters a new phase, his ideas and leadership would prove invaluable.

Together, Scot Steele and Georg Kunz will be able to relieve the hard-working and well-appreciated efforts of the current Anuket leaders.

November 11, 2022

Thank you, Pankaj Goyal. I very much appreciate the nomination, but I have to decline, unfortunately.

NokiaBeth Cohen 

Gergely Csatari is a leader in the Anuket project and has been serving as the TSC Co-chair for the past year.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to the role.

November 11, 2022Thanks Beth Cohen I accept the nomination.
Beth Cohen VerizonWalter Kozlowski 

Beth Cohen has demonstrated tremendous leadership and commitment through her many activities in CNTT and then Anuket, recently as one of the Co-Chairs of the TSC, the role she fulfilled brilliantly.

November 15, 2022