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Issue #DeliverableComments
3088Cloud Infrastructure Lifecycle automation; chapter restructureIntegration to ODIM (TBC)2984 Storage Scenarios2666 Principles for storage2578 Storage for Multi-cloudPRs: #3210, #3220 - restructured the flow of LF  chapter; Automation consolidated at the end
2804 Multi-cloud security and regulatory aspects in Chapter 8PR#3246 - contents added based on white paper on 5G pn responsibility vs accountability Evolving-5G-Security-for-the-Cloud-2022-InDesign.pdf
3247Security references updatePR#3249 - references updated2840 Requirements for hybrid multi-cloud security in Chapter 7
3080Hybrid Multi-Cloud Catalog ManagementPR#3261 - contents reg catalog mgmt added
3136Alignment of Hybrid Multi-Cloud interaction model with LCM Automation3095Alignment with industry standards relating to instantiating hybrid multi-cloud environments 2067 Review of use casesPRs: #3239, 3240, 3241, 3234, 3235 - multiple updates
3120Hardware Acceleration updatesPRs: #3242, #3243 - references to current O-RAN specifications updated
3223Energy consumption metricsPRs: #3262, 3258 - definitions of energy efficiency and corresponding metrics added

Reference Architecture 1

Issue #DeliverableComments
3178Update of OpenStack releaseYoga release(TBC), new features for SmartNIC, provisioning, monitoring
3179Use cases: 5G deployments with OpenStackOpenStack needs to change to be efficient for 5G, especially for deployments. No content to be added 
3180Acceleration: support of FPGA and GPU and their use cases
3181Edge: hyperconverged solution, EMCOOpenStack limitations for use at edge, no content to be added
3182Security : addition of solutions to cover RM security requirements
3183Support of containerized applications on OpenStackReference to the RA2 chap4
3184Develop on infrastructure managementODIM

Merging of RC1 into RA1
3015, 3068,...GSMA formatting and cleaning

Proofreading (tables fixed, text enhancements)

Requirements from RC to be added into chap2

Reference Architecture 2

3085Update to K8s 1.25

1.25 out on 23rd August 22

1.26 should be out end of December 22 (after Nile)



Monitoring & Telemetry
2259security requirements
2975Finalise CNF workload requirements



Service Mesh
2822Specifications for orphaned ch2 requirements (Storage)
2823PaaS requirements alignment to RM
2792Infrastructure management



Updates & Fixes
3099API specs for CNI multiplexer