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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Antitrust notices
  • Walk-in items
    • No meeting next week 25/11/21 - Thanksgiving
    • next meetings:
      • 18 November to finalise post proofreading
      • 2nd of dec for submission of D&T forum
      • optionally keep or cancel rest of december
      • Holidays
      • D&T 10-13 january
      • RA2 starts again post forum with Moselle work
    • D&T forum agenda:
      • review of Lakelse changes: create couple slides from release table
      • survey of items for Moselle: start from large topics/streams (eg security, edge, etc), then break down
        • infrastructure monitoring/telemetry
        • security
        • application LCM
      • approaches to multi tenancy - open discussion

Reference Architecture 2

Meeting Recording